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Hello Everyone! So recently i was invited to PS Cafe in Dempsey By the kind people from Japan! Yes you heard me right. So who are they and what are they about?

Tokyo Luxey is an online community which gathers like-minded people who loves Japanese make-up and skincare products. They also have an online portal which you are able to directly purchase these products which are often not available in Singapore or even if they are, often sold at a high price in places like Isetan or Takashimaya.

There are many common Japanese skincare and cosmetic brands in the market which we are all so familiar with. Just to name you a few, Kose, Shishedo, DollyWink, Shuemura, HadaLabo. There are also brands which are less commonly heard but gaining popularity in the online spear, brands such as Albion, 24h Cosme, Fairy Drops, Make it & Co, Koji just to name you some, which Toyko Luxey is already working with. More are coming...

Let me share with you more about what we did that night. Nothing Kinky of course.
Overall, the night was great with great company and food. We had discussions on the latest Japanese brands and I was glad that I was with 2 GURUs! They really know heaps!
Thanks for the lovely invitation.

The lovely table setting at PS Cafe

Photo of me

Me with Emily

Me with Cynthia

Maeda San explaining to the group about Tokyo Luxey, what they are doing and what are the latest Japanese products which they have brought in for us to try out.

Albion Skin Conditioner & Albion Eclafutur Lotion

24hr Cosme foundation powder

Make up remover "washing oil" and moisturizer from Make It & Co

Fleur De Mer Creme Essentielle lotion

Fairy Drop Mineral Powder puff

Chicken Rosa Penne - That's my dinner for the night which was a huge serving for us ladies to finish.

We managed to bag home these 3 goodies which are both Albion lotion and the 24H cosme foundation powder which is used by celebrities in Japan!

I love the Skin conditioner from Albion because of the lightness in texture and the very pleasant and lovely scent that it has. This lotion has some medical benefits which acts as a toner and double cleanse my skin after I washed my face. The lotion keeps my face supple and fresh for the evening and its makes me feel so good.

The Albion Eclafutur Lotion is very costly but I love it so much as well. It can be used after the skin conditioner to moisturize your face, it really makes my face feels so refined and soft after using for merely a few nights.

As for the 24h Cosme foundation, needless to say, it really last for a full day without touch up. The only regret is that the shade was a little too dark for a fair skin lady like me, so I had to blend it over with my loose powder to "lighten" the shade and make it more natural for wearing.

Want to be part of Tokyo Luxey? 
Do me a kind favor and quote my name/blog as referrer.

Do check out their website at :
Do check out their Facebook at :

Thanks for reading and have fun exploring Japanese products!


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