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It was indeed my pleasure to be invited to an exclusive closed door event by the people at VanityTrove. Thank you for your kind invitation. This is also the first time I am attending a VT event. For a beauty and lifestyle blogger like me, this is an event not to be missed.
The theme for that night was keep calm and rejuvenate.

The food was gorgeously prepared and the product launch was set in an absolutely amazing environment.

I have previously blogged about other beauty supplement drinks prior to TruLife, and I am umber excited to learn about new brands in the market. I am curious on what they see as their unique selling proposition to outdo their competitors in the market.

Meet the soft-spoken and humble man, Dylan Hu behind his brand TruLife, also the director of Poli Medical Company. As a frail child that has come a long way to good health, he believed in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the benefits that they bring along. He is the 3rd generation in line in the TCM business, following closely the footsteps of his father.

I can totally resonate with him because I grew up the TCM way as well. No doubt western medication allows you to heal faster, TCM prescriptions often acheive the healing and nourishing effect.

I'll leave you to read and find out more about the history of TruLife, while our focus in this article is the 3 beauty supplement drinks brought to you by Trulife which I will be sharing. I thought it was a nice touch to bring in the real ingredients found in the drinks as many of us have always seen the ingredients in words, but never the real thing. I managed to snap a photo of some of them and associated them with the beauty supplement drinks. Have a look.

TruLife believes in a few things.

#1 Beauty health supplement drinks should be convenient, saving you the trouble of having to concot and brew the prescription by yourself. Therefore they came out with ready-to-drink supplements.

#2 They believe that the health supplements should be natural, hence they are sugar free and contains no preservatives.

#3 Their unique selling propostition. They are so far the only, if not few in the market to come out with a beauty supplement drink containing herbs, brewed and concoted in a bottle. All the following 3 beauty supplement drinks somehow contains herbs (except for the Collagen Cell Renew drink).

Nourish your eyes from within with Berry Eye Health $45.95 (10 bottles per box)

Improve your visual acuity and target blurred vision, cataract and symptoms of glaucoma. Berry Eye health is my favourite of the 3 drinks because it contains wolfberry and chrysanthemum.

Wolfberries - These are great for the eyes.

You can even eat them on its own or put them into your soup, or simply infuse in a glass of hot water as a drink and eat them afterwards.

Chrysanthemum - They smell good on its own and are great as a cooling tea.

Dendrobium Stem

Prinsepia Seeds

The Berry Eye Health, gives off a really pleasant and slightly sweet taste. I've been taking these herbs since young and I never had issues with my eye sight.

Revitalize your skin for a youthful glow with Collagen Cell Renew $56.60 (10 bottles per box)

If you are facing a decreasing collagen level and would like to have a skin that looks more rejuvenated and moisturized, this drink is for you as it contains 15,000mg of micro marine collagen peptides. It does have a slight fishy taste/smell to it which is bearable, but also making it my least favourite.

Detoxify your body and stay lean effortlessly with Herbal System Detox $45.95 (10 bottles per box)

Enjoy a hearty meal and stay lean with lesser effort. This amazing drink contains green tea, lotus leaf, folium sennae, hawthorn fruit, herbal plantaginis and cassia seed to help your body lessen oil absoprtions and promotes a good digestive health. This drink also helps stimulate regular bowel movements to prevent toxin accumulation and increase metabolism.

Cassia Seeds

This drink is pleasant and acceptable for my tastebuds although it smelled like chinese cooling tea. This is my second favourite and also the one I have gotten for the night.

All 3 beauty supplement drinks can be purchased from Guardian, Nishino pharmacies, OG and Robinsons departmental stores starting from September 2014.

Trulife also carries other health supplements such as Ba Zhen Tang, Ling Zhi Supplement and there's even my favourite Birdnest! They come in 3 flavours, original, with rock sugar and with american ginseng.

We were rather intrigued by how luxurious it was to finish this one small bottle in one mouth.

Yi Kou Yan (One mouth Birdnest)

Premium Concentrated Bird's Nest

Premium Concentrated Bird's Nest with rock sugar

Bird's Nest with rock sugar

If you are wondering did we get to taste the bird nest? Yes we did! Not everything and not the whole bottle though, we shared the bird's nest. Yes they are quite thick although they were just the normal and non premium ones. Very yummy indeed.

TruLife collaborated with Willow Stream Spa at Fairmount hotel for the launch of their beauty supplement drinks. It was an evening cleverly planned and thought about.

And so I headed for my feet detox massage right after the short introduction on TruLife's beauty supplement drinks.

I enjoyed the feet massage where my experienced masseur first washed and scrubbed my feet, before I lay on this comfortable bed and she started the massage. It was very relaxing.

I shall end off my rather lengthy post with some food pictures for your eyes to feast on.

Jessie's plate of yummylicious food

I didn't ate much as I had taken dinner with my husband before attending the event.
Felt bad as I could not bring my husband to most events and he always had to end up waiting for me, so I had dinner with him before hand.

Look what we've got here! Fruit infused water (Cucumber, lemon and mint)
Simply refreshing. Now you know I am not the only one into this ya...

We each got to bring back a tri-kit consisting all 3 drinks and another box of TruLife's beauty supplement drinks according to what treatement we had. How generous and thoughtful!

The one I got was Herbal System detox, although I liked the Berry Eye Health drink the most.

I have started my Herbal System Detox drink today and we'll see the progression. It tasted much better than the first time I had it. The prunes had the strongest taste in the herbal system detox drink. Follow me on my instagram and facebook page to see how my detox journey goes!

Till then...

Love ya!
Be confident, be yourself!
Pearly Tan

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