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Hi Ladies! Do you pamper your hair? Do you love your long silky tresses and often wish that when you wake up in the morning, you will no longer have another bad hair day?
Essential, from Japan understands this and have a wide range of products to help you repair and care for your hair. They do not just stop there, Essential recently re-launched with their brand new packaging, improved formular and technology along with new variant.

The new Essential has Microfine All Smooth Essense which is able to deliver nutrients to repair your damaged hair surface from the root to the tip unlike convention shampoos which are only able to focus at the roots only.

There are 4 variants that are available to suit all your hair types and needs ranging from:

  • Nourishing Breakage Defense (Orange) For the weak and damaged hair
  • Moisturizing Frizz Free (Pink) For the dull and rough hair 
  • *Light Finish Volumizing (Yellow) For flat and limp hair
  • *Deep Cleansing (Blue) For oily scalp and dry ends (NEW & lightest formula!)

    *Caters to people with combination hair (Oily Scalp/roots but dry ends)
 You may be wondering what is combination hair? The concept is somewhat similar to those with combination skin.
  • You may have a very oil scalp which you may use a light clarifying product to care for but you'll end up having drier ends. OR
  •  You may use a rich moisturizing product to care for your dry ends, but end up having an oiler scalp.
If you face the above problems, then the Light Finish Volumizing (yellow) and Deep Cleansing ( blue) range of shampoo is something you may like to try as they contain smart cuticle care and sebum cleansing technology to target both the roots and hair ends and you'll get the best of both worlds, most importantly your problem solved.

So how do you choose what's the most suitable range for you?
Follow the following matrix and you'll get the answers you need by answering 2 simple questions.
1) DO you have dry/damaged hair ends?

2) Do you have oily hair roots/scalp?

Blue has the lightest formula followed by orange.

Likewise, for hair treatment you may choose using the following matrix.
Orange tube is for those with badly dry and damaged hair, Pink tube is lighter.

Treatment tubeWorks magic on your hair within 30 seconds, for a perfect moisturized and managable hair. Meant for the busy days.
Hair MaskFor intensive treatments to teat dry or damaged ends for a softer, smoother and managable hair.

*Treatment or hair mask should only be applied on the ends of the hair and not on your scalp.

Guess which range I am using? Well.. if you have seen my instagram photo you would know that I am using the Pink range for dull and rough hair. Not that my hair is rough but my hair does frizz easily after prolong tugging and pulling so I guess this range is the most suitable.

Shampoo : $4.50 200ml/ $11.50 750ml

Conditioner: $4.50 200ml/ $11.50 750ml
Treatment: Price unavailable

Mask: $9.90/200ml

I love the pretty pink packaging and I've already started using this range for sometime.
I like the idea of the covers in a different colour to identify the main shampoo from the treatment as well as how they packaged it in an "inverted way". Because conditioner is denser in volume and I don't need to squeeze or shake them now that they are inverted.

So here are how I've used them and my thoughts:

My hair regime:

Shampoo + Conditioner (daily if not using treatment or mask)
Shampoo + treatment (on busy days or when my hair gets really dry and frizzy)
Shampoo + Mask (once a week, or if I know i may not be dillgently using the conditioner)

Essential gives me great smelling and flowy hair! Here's my one selfie moment with my beloved Essential hair products!

  • My hair felt so much smoother and softer to the touch. 
  • My hair does not tangle so easily now, it used to tangle even as i brush them. 
  • This range also smells really good. I've used the old range of the same shampoo before but I find the scent a little overpowering. The new range has a more acceptable scent, less fruity and not as heavyly scented. The fragrance is lasting, love the scent left on my hair. 
Have you tried? 
You can now grab your samples via the Essential Facebook sample redemption page.
Do also follow Essential on their Facebook. & Instagram @Essentialsingapore.


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