Product Review: Nivea, Have a happy shave and put your hands up in the air


Do you face awkard situations and find difficulties or embrassement when you raise your hands up in the air for whichever reasons? You need to take care of your armpit like how you would with your face, moisturizing it and healing it after each hair removal process. 

Read on to find out more about this product which may be able to help you.

I'm sure most of us here are not unfamilar with the brand Nivea. There are a wide range of moisturizing products that they have released which prevents our skin from drying out, from the face cream to the recently launched in-shower moisturizer.

There are many hand raising situations such as the following (just to name a few):
When you...

  • ask a question in class;
  • attempt to wave and catch someone's attention;
  • are in the bus or MRT when you are using the hand bar;
  • attempt to hug someone
  • dance in the bar or ballroom
  • play sports like badminton, ball games, yoga, swim etc... Do you sometimes find it awkard that people may be staring at your dark and hairy armpits especially when you are wearing a sleevless shirt or dress? To make matter worse, there's even some smell coming from it since you have just perspired from your sports activity.
Other than using the right hair removal tools and services, what else can we do to save ourselves from such embarrasement other than to stop wearing sleeveless clothes?

Do you sometimes experience redness and skin irritation or burning sensations from removal of your armpit hairs?

I am going to share with you more about Nivea anti-perspirant whitening happy shave which may be the solution to your problems.

About Nivea Anti-perspirant whitening happy shave 

  • Contains provitamin B5 and Vitamin CA deordarant that is free from alcohol, colorant and preservative
  • Repairs your skin damage from shaving or plucking
  • Gives you a healthy, even-toned and fresh smelling skin


  • Provide 48 hour protection against body odour and sweat 
  • Whiten and smooth skin
  • Repair damaged cells
  • Reduce skin irritation from shaving/plucking
  • Support skin regeneration

  • Scent of green apple,peach, lily of the valley and Jasmine
  • Floral & Fruity

  • I like the fruity refreshing, powdery scent that it smelled when I spray, smells like being in a green apple field
  • I am unable to vouch for the whitening effects because I don't have a dark and dull armpits
  • I do felt refreshed each time I use the spray after I pluck or epilate
  • The spray did kept my armpits dry and comfortable even after the whole day being outdoors
  • My skin felt less irritated with the spray on immediately after I epliate

Available at Guardian, Watsons, Cold Storage, NTUC Fair Price outlets and other major retail stores at $9.10 for 50ml. Roll on is also available at $4.90 for 50ml.

Free samples are available via this direct link to

After you have redeemed the free sample, do take part in the NIVEA Happy Shave Instagram contest!

NIVEA Happy Shave Instagram contest 
(26 September ~ 31 October 2014)
Contest Mechanic:

  • Pose with the brochure signed as the signature of approval  that was sent to you together with your NIVEA Happy Shave product
  • Get the best instagram review on what personal situation you will raise your hands with confidence now that you have used Nivea Happy Shave 
#NIVEAsg #NIVEADeoSg #HappyShave

Contest Prizes:

Grand Prize: Shopping voucher worth $400 
Consolation Winners x2: Nivea Hampers worth $100

Do follow Nivea on their official Facebook page & too!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ohh the name 'Happy Shave' is the cutest! :3
    We have Nivea here but not this one unfortunately! C:

  2. Do you have deorderant spray or fragrance spray from Nivea? Maybe its a different variation. Singapore is too humid, we need these to keep ourself dry and smelling good! Hee ;P


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