Facial Service Review: Immortelle Atelier Jyunka Special Facial Treatment


I'm back at Immortelle Atelier, my recent frequent facial place to try out a different facial.

This time, I got to try the Jyunka Special Facial Treatment. One perk of being a beauty blogger is that we get to enjoy being pampered like a princess while having our facials and being able to share about our experience (be it good or bad) with our fellow readers.
Sometimes it may not be all good, as we are using ourself as a guinea pig to test out new service and products, all for your good my dear readers.

Back to the familar room which I liked. :) Oh, it was such a coincidence to bump into Rena while I was there for my facial.

Although my facial therapist did not manage to find my records, I was comforted that she had all my facial needs at the back of her hand. This shows how much attention was given to each valuable customer. She proceed to check with me, what I would like to do for the day.

I requested to have a facial to help me in my pigmentation this round and I was granted with the Jyunka Vit C Facial Treatment. I have tried Jyunka products before and I am glad to be using most of Jyunka products for this facial. I have no doubts about this brand and no worries because I know they'll work for my skin for sure, besides that I have an experienced and thoughtful therapist with me.

About Jyunka Vit C Facial Treatment
(90 mins)

If you have long working hours, get constant exposure to the sun and stress, feel tired or your skin gets tinted with pollution or tobacco, this facial is for you.

The treatment utilizes a rich reservoir of essential beauty nutrients specifically aimed at fighting the visible signs of aging skin. Lymphatic drainage massage and acupressure techniques are also used to provide effective reduction of skin puffiness and to promote skin regeneration.

This results in you having:

  • Instant moisturizing and radiance
  • Plumped up fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lifting and firming the skin
  • Lightens skin blemishes, pigmentation and uneven skin tone
  • Reduces blemishes, acne and helps tighter pores

Photo of me after having my face cleansed, make-up removed, eyebrows plucked and tidied.

I notice a little redness each time after the tiny hairs on my eye lids were tidied near to my eyes. When the plucking takes place it always felt like a pinch which leaves me in pain. (I simply disliked the tiny hairs to be shaved off, so i still opt for plucking).

The highlight about any facial is usually the machine it uses (technology), the massage technique (beautician) or the  products. The highlight of this facial is the "Green Mask" that was used, and without fail, the massage I received from my facial beautician Judy was great. Although I somehow felt that the previous session was better.

I felt so good to be relieved from my muscle aches and being pampered on my face that I was already half dozing off before she applied the mask on me.

My therapist explained to me how difficult it was to get the right mixture for this mask. It feels kind of rubbery and quite thick. I find it rather innovative that she laid tissue around my face so that the mask will not spill all over the place. The tissue paper also aids in removal of the mask after it was done.

My face looking rejuvenated immediately after my facial was done.

Product being used during the facial were mostly from Jyunka:
- STEM Anti-Aging & Whitening Set from Jyunka

The Epidermal peel was used on me and it stings a little on my forehead. But I was glad It felt fine on my nose and cheeks which was the more sensitive spots. The green mask that was put on me is from the Jyunka STEM Celluar Mask.

Some other Junka products were also being used like the Hyaluvita Cream, sunblock, etc.

This Skin Perfusion Serum was place on my neck to soothen the skin irritation. It worked quite well in soothening and calming my skin rashes.

Look at my satisfied face feeling all refreshed even after I got home that day.

Immortelle Atelier have not dissapointed me since day 1 because of their attentive and cheerful staff, good service attitude, experience and advices provided. They also use top notch products such as Maria Galland and Jyunka with great ambience and nice and relaxing music.

Do give them a try if you are still thinking.

Immortelle Atelier

101 Thomson Road,
#02-08B United Square Shopping Mall
(Nearest MRT: Novena Mrt)

Tel. 62599001


Till next time,

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