Beauty Product Review: Mu Mieux Collagen Mu Nutrition+ By Mary Chia


Unlike many whom are free to use whatever products as they pleased, I have a very sensitive skin. Recently, I even had problems of eczema (very dry and irritated skin), that makes me very vunerable to the recent temperature change and fearful to the products I apply on my skin. My skin moisture levels also depletes very fast.

Many of us today are often unable to obtain all aspects of our nutritional requirements based on our day-to-day dietary intakes. To add on the problem, we use electronic gadgets and increase our intake of junk food which can result in long term detrimental effects on our health and overall-wellbeing.

Collagen is the most abundant protein needed by our body to maintain the structure and density of our skin. Collagen proteins derived from fish contain high amounts of amino acids and peptides directly involved in the formation of collagen and elastin. 80% of our young and healthy skin is made up of collagen and loses the ability to regenerate naturally.

At age 25: Collagen & Elastin production begins to slow down.

At mid 30s: Our skin gradually loses the ability to regenerate naturally and collagen production is reduced.

At age 35-55 years old: the level of collagen will drop to 40% which results in the loss of firmness, where wrinkles will also start to form.

So what can we do to solve these problems?

Mary Chia came out with a revolutionary new line of nutrition dietary supplement, MU MIEUX COLLAGEN MU Nutrition+.

The collagen drink is formulated with BHN (Marine) Collagen, enriched with Ceramide and Apple extract. Each bottle contains 3000mg BHN Collagen and 10mg Ceramide.

Maintain your skin's hydration level and nourish your fibroblast cellular tissue with the collagen. Ceramide also helps to lock in moisture in your skin by rebuilding your skin's natural barrier to atmospheric hydration depletion.

The MU Nutrition+ range of supplements is designed to address common concerns such as:

Like any good lifestyle habits, there is never a better time to start than NOW –
start taking responsibility of your health and wellness today. Because good health is the greatest wealth of all!

Directions for use:

Consume one bottle per day before bedtime, for better consumption have it chilled.
Shake it well before opening and consume all the collagen drink upon opening.

What am I drinking?

BHN Fish Collagen - Provides nourishment to our fibroblast cellular tissue and maintains
skin's hydration level. It also helps in reducing wrinkles and lines

Apple Extract - Apple polyphenol helps combat photo age-ing by retaining moisturie, preventing DNA damage and deepening of wrinkles

Co-Q10 - Antioxidant which fights free radicals in the body to prevent premature ageing

Ceramides - Retains moisture in skin

Vitamin C - Antioxidant that slows rate of free radical damage

Vitamin E- Treats Scars acene and wrinkes by speeding cell regeneration

Malic Acid - Stimulates metabolism & increase energy production

Maltitol - Formulates low calorie low fat and sugarfree foods, does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels


Its almost like having a small glass of apple juice! No fishy taste, no jelly texture or weird
smell at all. Its all fruity and nice! I like the taste and I did notice that my skin had became brighter and slightly more moist after 2 nights of continuous drinking. But I do find it a little costly to pay $11 for a bottle of Collagen Beauty Drink after the discount, though it still beats paying a few dollars for a can of beer/alcoholic drink anytime.

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Thanks for reading!

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