Beauty Review: Immortelle Atelier Thalasso Facial


Immortelle Atelier had unknowingly became my next favourite place to go whenever i am in need of a relaxing facial, healthy hair and scalp massage or stunning make-over and hairdo. Its an all in one place, conveniently located within a few minutes walk from  Novena MRT, in United Square Shopping Mall. The warm, nice and friendly people at this place never fail to make me feel welcomed.

I was looking at my beautician and asking her for suggestions on what to do with my face. Based on her wealth of experience, just one look at my tired face under the lights, and after some simple analysis, my beautician proposed the Thalasso Treatment.

Like all other facial treatments at Immortelle Atelier, the beautician removes the make-up from my face and proceeds with cleansing, pimple extraction and tidying my eyebrows before placing the signature micro algae mask on my face, allowing me to rest.

My favourite part of coming to a facial at Immortelle Atelier is the face neck and shoulder massage that takes place during the facial. It feels extremely good to have those hard knots loosen and relax in the scent of the lavender massage oils on my skin.

The Thalasso Treatment last for approximately 120 minutes. It deep-cleanses your face and revitalizes your tired skin. It is suitable for tired-looking skin, to rejuvenate and give you a long-lasting hydration.

The main products used for this facial are from Maria Galland with the signature Thalasso micro algae mask, which deep cleanses your skin. The mask also boosts skin metabolism and repairs your stressed looking skin.

I am thankful that they managed to squeeze my appointment into the week before Chinese New Year, so that I can still look pretty and refreshed during my Chinese New Year visitings.

Here's me few days after the facial with some light and simple make-up on before heading out for Chinese New Year Visting.

The Thalasso Facial is suitable for a sensitive skin like mine. It did not cause me any redness or allergic reactions. I love the effects that my face stays hydrated for days and my make-up is so easy to glide on compared to those days when my face was so dry and breaking out so often.

101 Thomson Rd #02-08B United Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 307591

+65 62599001


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