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Do your friends often tell you that you wake up from the wrong side of the bed? Having frizzy and dry and an unmanagable hair? If that sounds like what you have experienced, read on to find out more about this new range of hair care products from Ascience that is ready to solve all your hair woes. They are available in 2 variants.

Inner Rich:
Gold bottle: For Dry, Frizzy and unmanagble hair (All day moisture)

Nature Smooth:
Blue bottle: For Oily Scalp and tangled ends (Cleanse and repairs)

In this review, I am using the Ascience Inner Rich Shampoo and conditioner.

What is more amazing is that caring for your hair is now simplier with the power beauty serum infused made of concentrated precious oils and essences into your shampoo, not only does it saves time, it repairs and moisturizes your hair makeing them soft, shiny and smooth. Look youthful again with the perfect hair.

Allow me to add another "S", Silky ! My hair became silky after washing with this range of shampoo and conditioner.

Shampoo and Conditioner : $14.90 (480ml) each , $7.95 (200ml) each
Also available: Treatment Care: $12.90 (180ml) - not in picture
You can now purchase them from leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores.

About the power Beauty Serum

6 natural ingredients is incorporated into a single Serum, bringing you a new haircare generation. Regain the timeless beauty of youthful looking hair with this reformulation.

The Beauty Serum consist of a concentrated infusion of :

-Argan Oil

-Camelia Oil
-Pomegranate Extracts
-White Pearl
-Lemongrass essence
We often forgot or tend to get lazy and omit the serum application step, especially when we are rushed for time. Ascience is so thoughtful to come out with this brillant solution, by crystalizing the serum into their shampoo.

This allow us to deeply nourish our hair to face the new challenges the day has to bring and at night, to end our tired day with a relaxing hair massage.

My experience:

I used to have very frizzy and "sleepy" looking hair. No matter how many times I try to brush my hair, they will fly everywhere and not be held properly in place. You can even see and feel the split ends on my hair ends.

Eversince I've started looking for better shampoos to pamper my hair, they have improved so much with better technology and new formulations, I've also learned about different hair types, scalp conditions that requires different type of shampoo through reviewing them. One size does not fit all.

Ascience Inner Rich Shampoo (Smooth and not watery in texure)

Ascience Inner Rich Conditioner (Not oily, smooth and thick texure)

I loved both Ascience Inner Rich Shampoo and conditioner for making my hair managable, smooth to the touch, smelling good, soft and shiny. I can come out with more "S" words describing how well this range of shampoo has worked for my hair if you were to ask me.

It foams up easily with water and a small 50 cent amount is all you need to lather before you shampoo your whole head.

The lasting, calming, floral and fruity fragrance lingers on my hair all day long even till the next wash.
  Ascience Inner Rich Shampoo also makes my hair look uplifted compared to my previous brand of shampoo. 

You can see and experience obvious effects after one wash, that is provided if your hair is on on extreme dry condition. I do feel a difference as they seem so tame and much easier to manage now.

Photos taken after using Ascience InnerRich Shampoo for 3 days.

Photos taken after using Ascience InnerRich Shampoo for 3 days.

Try before you buy:
Samples can be redeemd via Sample Store here: https://www.samplestore.com/asience-inner-rich-shampoo-conditioner.html

Till then,
Be confident, be yourself. Take care of your hair.

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