Beauty Box Review: April's Glamabox Colourful Spring


April's Glamabox is here! Its the month to embrace the colourful spring. Let's see what glamabox have prepared for me this month. I see a beautiful pink box!

As usual, a box full of goodies which comes with several retail sized products.

Vanilla Body Butter from Boots (200ml)  smelled gorgeous, it smelled as if someone was whisking up some vanilla cream ice-cream for dessert.

Vanilla Body Butter contains vanilla extract derived from the vanilla Planifolia bean. It intensively moisturise and hydrates, leaving your skin soft and smooth. The velvety smooth butter absorbs instantly for a deeply hydrated, luxuriously soft skin.

Usage: Apply an ample amount of body butter to hands and gently massage onto your body until the body butter is fully absorbed.

I like the rich texture from the body butter which is good for some dry skin relief.

Spot the Beauty Day Olive Oil (35ml) hand cream which comes in a convenient tube so that you can carry it wherever you go. It has a very familar fragrance, but I just can't tell what exactly.

The Oilve Oil hand cream is specially formulated with natural Oilve oil that is non-irritating and can be safely used by infants. The cream can replenish and sooth chapped skin instantly.

Usage: Apply an ample amount of hand cream to hands and cuticles when required and gently massage the hands until the hand cream is absorbed.

I love make-up products from Glamabox. This one is a full sized item which looks so compact and easy to bring along. I love it that it comes with the mirror, ready for me to touch up my face anytime.

Gerda Spillmann - Bio-Fond Cream Make-up (4.5g) surpised that this is full sized as well. This creamy, skin-friendly and soothing make-up is suitable for the sensitive skin. Lecithin and tocopherol found it in will enhance your skin's metabolism, promote firmness and stimulate cell replacement. The ingredients will also act as antioxidants and preserve vital moisture in the skin.

I now have several make-up products from Glamabox which i can piece together and put up a look.

This month box does not have any face mask which I am quite surprised, in replacement I found 2 pairs of Morii Skincare Lifitng Crystal Eye patches which I quickly put them to use. Past experience tells me that these mask cannot be kept for very long, they come and go (expires) quickly.

These lifting crystal eye patches  contains organic lavender, platinum, peptide, vitamin K and Tranexaamic Acid. It boots the skin's powers of regeneration so it retains the qualities of young skin.

Are my eyes too small, or the eyes mask too big? It don't really matter as long as they can fit nicely and they feel comfortable enough for me to leave them on for a good 10-15 minutes.

Look at my eye bags! They have shrunken a tinsy weensy little bit. Better than nothing! I believe that frequent eye masking will help reduce those eye bags. Sleeping early does help as well.

Spotted another retail sized product. The Ysyoo Snail White serum. I love the packaging from this brand. They always looked so classy and they put lots of effort into their packaging. This dropper is very helpful in dispensing the serum and I won't over do it.

The Snail White 88.8 Serum contains a high concentration of 88.8% of snail filtrate. The mucin in the snail filtrate can lock the moisture of the skin, repair the skin effectively and promote the regeneration of epidermal cells, resulting in an anti-aging effect.

This product can also lighten acne traces, scars and blemishes with an anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory effect.

Usage: Apply gently on face and neck and massage it after cleansing and toning in the morning and at night till the serum is fully absorbed.

Axis perfume which has some glass beads/balls in them. I guess that is to allow you to shake it to even out the fragrance? It is quite unusual to find them in these miniature perfumes thou.

The Axis Sense of Space perfume opens with top notes of pear, spearmint and bergamot.
Middle notes contains Clover, Rose, Ylang Ylang, and base notes blended with floral and fruity scents tease your senses.

Last but not least, I have the AQ Bio-Sanitizer spray which allows me to disinfect my hands, room and items around me.

 It comes in a friendly, trial sized spray bottle which I can carry along with me.
This AQ Bio Sanitizer contains over 20 kinds of botanical extracts, utillizing the latest biotechnology to make it one of the most acclaimed sanitizer available in the market.

Wow, fabulous products isn't it.Till the next time...


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