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I believe that most school in Singapore nowadays offers internship and it is increasingly important. Be it to make it for the grades of your studies, for the experience, or the money, there are so many benefits an internship can bring you. I remember that in my different schooling stages, I too, was offered the opportunity to work with different companies for a duration of about 1 month or so. I miss my internship days and would always go for one when offered. 

This photo was taken ions back, on my first full-time job. I was still working while posing for a quick photo.
Internship those days are fixed by schools and we can only accept what was offered. There was no room for selection. How I wish I was given a choice!


If you are still schooling and you need an income, then a part time jobs for students will interest you more as a form of pocket money, to subsidize your school fees or to help out in the family income, or even to keep some extra moo-lahs for your next vacation. I remember those times, I had to rely on my friends to help me recommend part-time jobs because most of the popular job portals are looking for experience people with a wealth of working experience or people who could commit to a full time job.  

Photo of my work-desk of my first part-time job, also ions back. About 2 years from the previous company, I resigned and worked part-time while I was in my final year in the University. This job was recommended by my friend at the previous company, where I was working full-time.


What are the 3 main benefits of internship singapore or part time jobs singapore ?

1. Salary

Be it a small pay check or a good amount of money. This may be your very first pay. I remember giving my mum a token sum of money after I received my first singapore internship paycheck. I took on a part-time job while i was studying in the university to subsidize my studies too.

2. Working Experience

Your very first job, the first time someone is paying you for something you have done. Be it photocopying documents, clinching your first deal or even signing a new customer, all these builds up your working experience. Companies are looking for people with relevant working experiences, internships and part-time jobs makes good stepping stones for those.

3. Networking Opportunities

Making friends, and building business networks are important in life. Who knows you may land yourself in a full-time job after you have ended your internship or part-time job? Even if it didn't happen, be glad you have made new friends. 

*** offers you great career guidance such as how to write a resume, cover-letter and offers you interview tips.

If you are a student looking for internship or part-time job, why not you go ahead and sign-up for your free account with them today! Who knows, you may land yourself in your dream job.

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