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Hey Readers,

this is going to be one of my most awkward reviews done for my blog. Ladies, you are probably going to ask me, how come I am blogging for a men's product? Am I going to use the set on myself? Of course not... I was quite hesitant to attend this event when I first received the invite.

But why not? This is a good learning opportunity to discover about why the husband spends such a long time during Monday mornings to get his shave done. Besides that, the event offers great networking opportunities and I get to check out places and meet new people. Hopefully, I will get to win over some male readers too.

Braun does carry ladies products such as the epilator which I've reviewed previously, hair straighteners, hair brushes and even toothbrushes.

The event was held at Linda Gallery located in Dempsey Road, so I took a bus in from Orchard Road after running some errands.

As I was early, I caught some back scene actions on the rehearsals before they had the actual presentation. It was quite fun to catch back of the scene moments just like what they do in fashion shows.

Braun Series 9 with Syncrosonic Technology™ is the world's best electronic shaver in terms of efficiency and skin comfort. This is proven on 3-day beards.

The idea of a perfect shave is to be able to get in and out of the bathroom having your shave done quickly and conveniently, so that your skin doesn't even have time to get irritated.

Spot Bobby Tonelli, the host of the day. I was told that they intentionally got him to keep his beard for this product launch.

Introductory video on the new Braun Series 9 for men
Credits: Braun Website

The secret behind this Braun Series 9 with Syncrosonic Technology™ shaving head lies with getting your shave done with fewer strokes and lesser pressure. There are 4 blades which works together to lift, trim and cut hairs and at the same time to create the perfect shave.

Why proven in a 3 day shave you may wonder, this is due to Braun's studies as they realized that man tends not to shave over the weekends and when Monday comes, they have a problem with longer beards.

This product works effectively on men, regardless of where they are from, with beards that may be curly, long, black or flat. 

Bobby Tonelli and the other 2 models in the make-shift bathroom demonstrating the effectiveness of the shaver. "This shaver makes a sexy gift." - quoted Bobby Tonelli

They certainly look like they are enjoying their shave. Fan girls out there anyone?

Notice that there is a blue variant to the Braun Series 9 with Syncrosonic Technology™shaver (I will be sharing more about the blue variant, later in the post)

Braun Series 9 (9090cc Wet and Dry) with Syncrosonic Technology™ in Silver

Braun Series 9 (9040s Wet and Dry) with Syncrosonic Technology™ shaver are available in  black and blue.

Braun Series 9 (9090cc Wet and Dry) with Syncrosonic Technology™ in Silver
(Notice that it comes with a stand that doubles as a charging station?)

Only Braun has this alcohol-based cleaning station, which cleans and charge at the same time, and only the Silver model comes with it.

Can you see the 4 different type of blade heads? Those are to tailor to the different types of hair. The Hyperlift & Cut trimmer and the Direct & Cut trimmer, directs and cut problematic facial hair.

The first takes on flat lying hairs, while the latter grabs on and shaves hairs in different directions. The 2 Optifoil™ shaving foils then cuts the hairs as close to the skin as possible.

Credits: Braun Website

The Braun Series 9 shaver is available at all major electrical chain stores, and independent electrical stores in 2 models 9040s and 9090cc at $499 and $599 respectively.

Its quite costly for a shaver, but a worthy investment if you are looking for a good shaver for long-term usage. This will make a good gift for the man as well. Father's day is around the corner, why not pamper your dad with one?

It was certainly an eye-opener for me, with the only regret that I did not take any photo with Bobby Tonelli *Kills myself* for that...

For more information on Brauns Series 9 shaver, do visit here.
Do check out Braun facebook for more updates and product information.


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