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Looking for a T-shirt at an affordable price? Looking for a unique and localized designed? Look no further, Tee-Saurus have all the specially local designed T-shirts which you are looking for. 

Even if they do not have something you want, feel free to talk to them and share your ideas, you might be able to get them to customize something for you. Just like what I did.

My husband and I in our customized work T-shirt cum couple T-shirt.

I wanted something that we could both wear when we are serving our customers to have that alignment and corporate identity, and have been searching high and low for an idea, until I saw Tee-Saurus and something struck my mind.

Why did I choose to collaborate with Tee-Saurus? 
1. I love their unique design they came up with their dinosaur, especially the SG50 editions. I wanted to incorporate both my dog grooming and their dinosaur elements together.

2. I love their attitude and passion in their work, just like what I had in my work. The never give up "wear your dreams and pave your road" idea, is just like me. Therefore I want to be "part" of them, wearing their T-shirts is a form of giving them support as we are walking ambassadors! Its about wearing a lifestyle, not just any ordinary T-shirt.

3. Their pricing is affordable, they are flexible and friendly to work with. Who doesn't wish they can have a good working partner, especially if you are looking at something on a long-term basis?

After giving them sometime, this is the design which they came out with. Brilliant isn't it?

Lovely design from the talented designer at Tee-Saurus

As I am dealing with dog grooming, the photo depicts it so well. I really don't know what else to say and how I can thank them further, with this master piece and I am really very very grateful for it. Thank you so much Tee-Saurus. I hope your T-shirts fly high and bright.

Do you know?:

The material is very comfortable yet not too thin as you can see from the photo. The material is cooling and it fits me well. It doesn't crumples and its not those kind of cheap "sticker imprints". The whole graphic is embeded in the t-shirt, not an iron on. (I am wearing ladies S size, Hubby is on men's M size).

We both loved it and is absolutely delighted  with our working T-shirt! We managed to steal some glances on the streets as well. We absolutely love it as both of us are dog lovers, couple shirt lovers too, and we could wear this beautiful t-shirt, straight off work, now we don't even need to change out too. Haha

We're thinking of getting more T-shirts from Tee-Saurus perhaps next time, especially after my team expands. Envy us? Come work for me then! (Just joking, as I do not even earn enough to support myself for now.)

You can check out other designs and purchase them from Tee-Saurus!

Headed for dinner in our "working cum couple T-shirt".

More About Tee-Saurus:

"The Tee-Saurus story is always about facing challenges with a broad smile. We've been through some really rough and unexpected storms but looking at the world with optimism and knowing there is always light behind the dark cloud kept us going. No matter how difficult a path may be, remember your passion. Remember what you set out to be. Remember nothing can bring you down except yourself. That's why you see graphics that are designed to set a smile on you like our signature Rawr, the cheeky and mischievous T-Rex.

Our motivation set of badges seeks to inspire others who wants to achieve their dreams. Ignite your passion, pursue your dreams. It's ok to fail for "a little rain must fall" in order for you to see the bigger picture.
Stepping out is never easy, but look how far you have walked this road you paved. And you shall see that there's nothing better than to walk ahead with your head tilted high.
That's the Tee-Saurus spirit. Wear your dreams. Pave your road.

Inspired by ideas. We brainstorm and bring you designs that are distinctively like no other. Tee-saurus is all about wearing a lifestyle, not just a tee.

You are what you wear. That's precisely why tee-saurus is set out to achieve. We are dedicated to provide a different designed apparels that not only look good but it contains a collection of ideas weaved into each series."

These are some of the special SG50 T-shirts that they have came out with. I love them equally!

 Credits: Tee-Saurus website

Credits: Tee-Saurus website

What about some Tee-Saurus shirt for your kids? They are so lovely and adorable in those!

Credits: Tee-Saurus website

The Chrome Gold series are great as well ! Black and gold works well together.


Credits: Tee-Saurus website

Other than T-shirts, Tee-Saurus also have Totes and stationary like motivational badges and singlish sketch pads available. Do feel free to check them out.

Thanks for making the shirt for us Tee-Saurus!

Tee-Saurus Facebook

Till Then, 

Be confident, Be yourself.

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