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I believe the concept of beauty boxes, sample boxes and the idea of trying before buying is not new to anyone of you. Let me share with you more about this new kid on the block, Preloot.

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Like most beauty subscription boxes Preloot allows you to select beauty samples at a stated price and get it delivered to your home for free. 

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What are the characteristics of Preloot ?

1. There is no monthly subscription fees. Register now for FREE!
2. You are able to select the items which you want, 5 items for $8.99.
3. You can write reviews after you have sampled the items to earn some loot points.
4. Purchase the items you like in full size.

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Thanks to the kind people at Preloot, I am able to receive one of their sample boxes for my review, which consist of 2 brands namely, Flower2Grass2 and Basic Theory.

Visit Preloot to start shopping now!

My loots from Preloot consisting of samples from Flower2Grass2 and Basic Theory.

First Up, products from Flower2Grass2.

Credits: Flower2Grass2

Products from Flower2Grass2 are 100% handmade and natural, the brand is from Hong Kong and is distributed exclusively by Preloot. Products are also free from parabens, non-colorant and non-sulphate.

Read my reviews on the following products which I have received :

One for All - Regenerating night cream smells lovely with rose scent. The cream is creamy and thick in texture yet it is not oily. It gives me a silky and soft feeling when applied on my skin. The cream is suitable for all skin types, even on eczema, sensitive or acne skin and rashes.

Berrily Me - Anti aging Eye cream is strongly scented, slightly oily but suitable to be applied on the eye area as an under eye moisturizer. It feels slightly oil and gives me a spa like feeling with a cool sensation to sooth skin irritation near the eyes.

The Freshen Up - Seaweed Collagen water cream feels like a light water mask that produces water droplets when applied on my skin. It can be used like a mask to lock in all the moisture on my skin. It brightens and moisturizes my skin.

The Blessingly Pick Calming Day cream has a light floral essential oil scent which is non-greasy, moisturizing and the smell of cream produces a calming effect. It is fast absorbing and has a healing effect too.

The Savory Organic rose water smells full of roses, feels refreshing upon spray on and acts like an instant perk me up. It leaves my skin silky and smooth.

Next Up, Basic Theory.

Basic Theory is a home grown company founded in April 2015, previously known as Scrubidoo Official. They are focused on presenting products which are natural, vegan and non-animal tested.


Credits: Basic Theory

The Just Coconut Polish smells like grated coconut, and is made of small sugar granulates. It feels moisturizing, though slightly oily as Shea butter is added.

I love the Earl Grey Polish as it smells very unique with the earl grey tea leaves, I love the scent and the feel of scrubbing it on my skin.

Beautiful toner with lavender fragrance, only a pity that it was not in a spray bottle since it has the 2 in one, facial toner and face mist properties. This is for combination and oily skin.


Lovely refreshing floral scent, light and absorbed easily by my skin. Also a pity that it was not in a spray bottle since it has the 2 in one, facial toner and face mist properties. This version is meant for the normal to dry skin. 

Like any of the products? Purchase the full sized item or any other full sized item from the loot store, at 5% off from the loot store by quoting "HI5PEARLY" valid till 31 December 2015.

Be confident, stay beautiful.

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    1. You are most welcome! I am looking forward to future collaborations with you <3


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