Product Review: With Braun Face, bid goodbye to facial hairs


I was very privileged to be able to receive the Braun Face for my review. I've always been a victim of facial hairs and have tried using the normal epilator to remove them but failed, please do not attempt it as it will cause redness to your face.

The only place where I succeed at facial hair removal, was on my eyebrow areas where I could use my tweezers to remove them. However, I do have unsightly facial hairs above my lips which are tough to handle.

So, when I saw Braun Face, I was elated and I can't wait to give it a try. Pardon me if I was late, as this product was released in October 2014.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a red carpet look, or want a day without any make-up on; we need to be able to count on beautifully cleansed skin as our foundation. Braun Face gives women the confidence and freedom to either wear makeup or not,” said Jessica Alba, Braun Beauty Ambassador.

Image Credit: Braun Website

So what is Braun face?

It is the world's first facial epilator and cleansing brush. This 2 in one device looks so chic and handy just like a pen and you can pop it into your handbag anytime.

The Braun Face consist of the following parts:

The hygiene cap for your epilator head, the epilator head, the exfoliating brush head, cleaning brush and the main body of the Braun Face. Its a really simple and easy to operate device.

The Bruan Face epilator head has 10 micro openings, operating at 200 plucking motions per second. It allows you to handle it with control and precision and captures the finest hair down to 0.02mm. I am indeed impressed!

This device is battery operated, all you need is an AA Battery!

Simply make use of a ruler to twist open the cap and replace the battery. Remember to twist it back to "lock" it in or your battery will not be locked in place and your Braun Face will not work.

It does feels a little painful at certain areas of my face, especially above my lips. The trick is to hold the epilator as close to skin as possible and move it in the left-right position depending on your hair growth for maximum efficiency.

My face feels so "hairless" after hair removal.

Look at the hair removed on my device! You can use the cleansing brush to sweep them off or just run it under the water to remove. No scrubbing or heavy cleaning is required.


The exfoliating brush head on the other hand refines and exfoliate our skin. It is 6x better than exfoliation by hand and it is proven to be suitable for sensitive skin.

I've been diligently using the exfoliating brush for a week now and I do see a clearer, brighter and cleaner skin. I love the gentle brushing motion that does not make my face feel too rough. Keep it close to skin to reduce the "rough" feeling. I do hope that they can make the bristles softer in future though.

There are several new types of brush head attachment for different types of skin, for exfoliation and for general replacement which is at every 3 months, do check them out as well.

Image Credit: Braun Website

Overall, I have a very pleasant experience using both heads on my Braun Face device and I am looking forward to more adventures with them. Thank you Braun for the device and cheers to a confident self with a clearer, brighter and cleaner face.


Grab a set at $99 SGD, available at major electrical stores.

Check out more information about the Braun Face.


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