Review: My June Glamabox (GO Green)


Its the month of July already, so I'm a little late on my June Glamabox.
Nevertheless, let me show you what is in my box!

This month's theme was go green, so there are no other box, all the products are filled in this cupboard box.

Yes, these are all the items in my box, which comprises of:
- Royal Skin
- The Yeon
- est.lab
- Faith in Face
- LaMav
- La Roche Posay
- Facial Mud

Other than the Royal skin patches, all other samples were sample sized items or sachets.

3 products from Royal Skin (45° V-Line Patch, Perfect Body Hip-Up Patch, Hot Body Fit Slim Patch)

The Perfect Body Hip-Up Patch maintains the resilient and
balanced body shape. It can help to reduce cellulite temporarily.

The Perfect V-Line Patch can tighten your chin line, moisturizing it and improves your wrinkles.

The Hot Body Fit Slim Patch can tighten up, moisturize and nourish your hip skin. It has an anti-wrinkle function that makes rough skin texture smooth and tightens droopy skin around your hips and making them shapely.

Thoughts: Its interesting to see Royal Skin with so many different type of mask, targeting at all the different areas, from your face, to hip and body.

The Shea butter rich and moisture essence mask cares for your skin making it moist and healthy with its rich Shea butter.

The egg white whip cleanses into your pores allowing you to feel the moist from deep inside your skin. Its soft and fluffy marshmallow like foam helps to remove impurities on the skin, it improves the skin pores and reduce blackhead and sebum.

Thoughts: This pore cleansing solution reminds me of the Slowganic Lemon cleanser which I had reviewed previously, also in Glamabox.

The Sun shield is infused with Vitamin C and E to provide moisturizing and anti-aging benefits. The SPF 50 is a tinted sunscreen that can be used as a moisturizing tinted make-up base to conceal blemishes and provide a sheer coverage.

Thoughts: You can see the pinkish shade after blending the sunscreen. It is quite interesting for me as I've never tried a tinted sunscreen before.

The fragrance of dating and love, romantic and sensual, elixir of good mood! The perfume aims at all those who enjoy infatuation, love, unity, and fulfillment.

Thoughts: Fragrance always excites me, though its a small vial, its good to carry around and they even bother to use the spritz kind of bottle. It has very gentle floral notes but I love its fragrance. It does makes me feel like falling in love with its romantic scent.

La Roche-Posay UVidea Aqua Fresh Gel provides superior daily sun protection in a fresh water-break concentrated gel texture. Free of fragrance and paraben.

LaMav Anti-aging minerals concealer, foundation and powder all in one that provides a flawless finish giving your skin a natural and radiant look without clogging pores or causing irritation.

: Quite shocked looking at the way this product is being packaged and no courage to try this out. Look at the powder stucked to the zip lock area, packaging and they look "murky".

Bonus item, the mud mask for face.

Overall, I was kind of disappointing in this month's box because it does not deliver. Too many sample sized sachet, and nothing to shout about. The mineral powder was packaged in a zip-lock bag, which does not even enticed me to use them.

Lets hope for a better box for the month of July. Grab your box today!


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  1. Have you used those body patches? Did they work for you?

  2. Hi Phuong, nope I didn't tried those patches because I had very sensitive skin ;(


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