Product Review: Esemtan Skin Balm and Wash Lotion for Sensitive Skin Review


Do you suffer from sensitive skin and is advised to avoid product with fragrance in them?
Life is kind of boring when you already have sensitive skin and end up having to use products which are tough to foam up and have no scent in them isn't it?

Read on as i will be sharing with you about 2 mildly fragrance products from a German brand which will bring smiles to your face.

I use this 2 products hand in hand and I love the final results of what I observed from my skin.

 First up, the Esemtan all in one wash lotion. This mildly fragrance, green wash lotion can be used as a hair wash, body and face wash as it is so mild and so gentle to your skin. It is suitable for all skin types, especially the ones with dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin and children or even the elders at home.

I personally use it as a body wash because of the price factor and for the fact that it moisturizes and cleans my skin very well. It does not bring me any skin irritation and it does foam up, unlike typical skin wash for sensitive skin which sometimes even have queer or no scent. It leaves me refreshed after every shower.

It has Allantoin in it, so it reduces skin irritation and support your skin's natural moisture.

You can simply add some water to the hand wash and foam it before you wash your hands or apply it over your body for a good wash. If you use it long enough (1 week or more), you may observe a less drying and irritated skin*.

I think it'll serve as a good travel companion as you only need to bring this along rather than so many different skin products! I would love this more if they come in pump bottles as it will be much easier to use, rather than pouring them out.

*Results varies from person to person, these are based on my personal observations.

Next up, after washing or showering, it is best to apply moisturizers to keep our skin hydrated. It is best to apply them within 3 minutes from your washing to retain your skin's moisture levels. I believe you may also know that too much of hand washing does more harm then good to your skin.

I love the fragrance of this esemtan skin balm, enriched with urea to lock in the moisture in my skin and speeds up healing from my dry scabby skin. I wish that they came in squeeze tubes so application is much easier, or at least a pump bottle so I can easily dispense them, especially when the exterior bottle is dirty, at least I don't have to touch it.

It is recommended that you apply the skin balm to the back of both of your hands, and rub them together. Apply it on your palms afterwards. I personally feel that anyway will do as long as all your skin are covered in the skin balm.

Be sure to rub them into your skin, or you will see a light white sheen of balm.

You can't really see much difference in both hands but it does gives the moisturizing factor.

Skin Balm - $20/500ml       Wash Lotion $19.75/500ml $35.30/1L

I think they should come out with a travel kit soon because they'll sell like hot cakes especially for people like me with sensitive skin.

You can pick these 2 babies up from Guardian, Unity, Watsons, Independent pharmacy (Pink beauty, Beauty essential), NHG.

Cheers and have a healthy skin,

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