Diary: October date with girlfriend


Welcome to November! Its already the 3rd day. In less than 2 months time, we will be welcoming Christmas and soon the new year. I hope everything has been going on well for you.

Just some short updates of what happened over the weekend. I had the opportunity to meet up with my friend Tracy and we turned ourselves into a one day tourist. Singapore can be quite a fun place, especially if you do not need to spend a penny. Well, not really, time is money and there's one thing which is never free, transport.

Its not our first time at the Singapore flyer, but it was the first time which both of us took the flyer together.

Singapore flyer is lacking lustre few years since its existence. It is no longer a tourist hot spot or fun sight-seeing place to be spotted. What a pity! They should innovate and improvise, have themes and organize events around it to make it a happening place again.

While we were there, we spotted a wedding dinner on the capsule before us and later 1 lady in her graduation gown.


We also took time to attend the G2000 25th anniversary, Celebrate a new vision with you fashion showcase.

There were many outfits on display and mostly corporate.

This looks like what I wore for my very first job interview. A decent jacket which you can use in the office.

This looks like something I would wear for my upcoming Melbourne trip! I heard that it is cooling this time of the year, so I shall wear a trench coat.

Participants who were finalist to the couple G2000 fashion contest.

Maybeline and James, also shared tips on how to colour block, layer and dress up with G2000 pieces. I love their outfit.

The host gave great tips for wearing coats in the office and when out at place, mostly making use of the available fashion pieces from the G2000's latest collection.


We managed to find time to drop by the library at Orchard as well. This is located at level 3 of the Orchard Gateway.

We kind of love how this place looks like and the architectures that were there. Who would have realized that a library can be so beautiful?

I foresee that soon this place will be one where wedding couples head over to take their wedding photography.

Or perhaps, a free tourist attraction where tourist can pop by for photo taking opportunities?


Lastly, we pop by the Lush outlet to take a look at a live demonstration of them making the "Don't look at me" mask. They were made of ingredients such as ground rice, lemon, tofu and many others.

We managed to get some of these mask samples for ourselves as well. Will put them to use soon.

So that marks an incredible day out and a well spent weekend. How did you spend yours?

Be Confident, Be yourself.

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