Tech Review: Changi Recommends, 10 good reasons why you should rent one


Hi Savvy travelers, are you connected? 

Do you feel inconvenient when you are out of data or worse still burst your data plans just because you have to use it while traveling overseas? Fret not, because I have the ultimate solution for you. Be it for leisure or for business, get connected, stay connected and don't worry about burning a hole in your pocket when you return to Singapore.

I am one such person who will switch off my mobile data whenever I had to travel overseas and so I rely heavily on free WIFI. However, times have changed! In recent days, there are so many solutions out there that offer you data roaming or WIFI services at reasonable prices. Here's something which I would like to recommend you and why I think you should go for it!

Changi Recommends came up with an Overseas Wi-Fi Router Rental service. I was overjoyed when I came to know about it because I was still fretting over getting
Wi-Fi services during my trip to Australia. I have previously traveled to Perth and rely mostly on free Wi-Fi offered by the larger malls. They do not usually provide free Wi-Fi for smaller apartments, if so, they are normally chargeable and fees does not come cheap.

What Are the benefits of using a portable Wi-Fi Router from Changi Recommends?

♥1 You do not have to depend on free Wi-Fi networks which are usually unsecured and shared by many. 

Hey penguins, you wanna share my Wi-Fi?

♥2 You save the hassle of having to go through lengthy procedures to register for an account for your free Wi-Fi, before finally getting connected but realizing that you have to go off already. Some of these Wi-Fi even have a short time limit.

At the press of just the "On" button, stay connected and enjoy the precious time with your loved ones. Don't waste time finding free Wi-Fi. You just have to do the pairing for the 1st time and
Wi-Fi gets automatically selected after you switch your device on.

♥3 The Wi-Fi device is small and portable, you can carry it with you wherever you go and stay connected. See how it fits nicely on my palm. It is pocket sized!

♥4 You can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously, be it your smart phone, tablets or laptops.

This also means that it is cost efficient especially when traveling in groups as you can split the cost. 

♥5 Get connected even if you are on the mountains, around the oceans, in some far away island or at the  Wildlife Parks.

I am having my
Wi-Fi device with me at the Healesville Wild life park! Although connection can get low or at some places we may lost signals as we are along the roads to the oceans, we still get a good Wi-Fi connection most of the time.


♥6 Update your status to your loved ones immediately and stay connected with them without having a huge bill on phone calls and expensive SMS-es.

Charges ranges from $5 per day to up to $20 per day depending on your travel location.

I managed to stay connected with my fans and did some live updates of my trip on the go! Check out some of my Instagram post!


7 Get lost no more! With the Wi-Fi connection, you can identify your location and even navigate around the country if you are driving. We are thinking of using this to help us get connected to our GPS in our future road trips!

With google maps, we were able to look up on where we were heading to and more information about them. We were also able to do last minute research and check on food reviews before heading to our next eating location. Do you know that 90% of the time in this trip we traveled by foot ? This come up to some cost saving as it can be costly to travel around in Australia by bus and metro.

8 Stay connected the moment you touch down. No fuss of having to change sim cards, lost sim cards and fuss over having 2 phones.

Please pardon my super sleepy and tired face after flying for nearly 8 hours!

So what are you waiting for?

Follow the instructions and rent one for next your upcoming trip! 
Go ahead and stay connected.

9 Renting procedures are straightforward. You can make use of online reservations, watsapp or emailing.

10  You don't have to worry about charging the device. Even though we kept it on almost the whole time. We just have to charge it once when we head back to our apartment at night. We didn't have to worry about the charging heads or using any travel adapters as the device and charging heads are customized to each country.


Thank you Changi Recommends for keeping us connected wherever we go and sponsoring this device for our wedding anniversary trip.

Be Confident, Be Yourself,


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