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Have you ever had the impression that the last place that a person will look at you is at your hands or nails?

Bust that myth because it is so untrue, especially in a business setting. During a handshake, people will look at your hands and nails. During a service rendered, people will also look at your hands. Imagine if you are a waiter or waitress and your nails are dirty and chipped. Would your customers dare to eat what you served? Imagine you are a hairstylist and your nails are so long and that you have problems even holding the scissors and your nails kept getting stuck on your customer's hair. 

A beautician will also need to keep their nails cleaned and in tip-top condition. You don't want to start scratching your customer's face. How you maintained them will also indicate what kind of a person you are, your personality and character.

Don't ever neglect those nails. Well, the least you could do is to give them an occasional good spa and deck them in some nude colors or gloss once in awhile. Its a way of pampering yourself too.

In Bejeweled Singapore, you will find an array of BCL hand and feet spa. There are 4 types of hand and feet spa to choose from, mainly Lavender + Mint, Lemongrass + Green Tea, Mandarin + Mango and White Radiance.

My pick was the Lemongrass + Green Tea BCL Spa for my hands and feet. The procedure for both the hands and feet are similar.

The spa contains:

Anti-oxidant rich herbs to treat skin blemishes and repairs skin damage. Skin irritations are soothed and excess oil is purified.

Purifying and Anti-oxidant rich ingredients such as the lemon grass, which acts as a natural antiseptic to regulate the skin's oil secretion and reduce your skin's pore size.

The Moroccan Argan oil also makes this mixture rich and soothing for your hands and feet.

Overall it aims to reduce skin damage,slows down signs of aging, calms and have detoxing properties to cleanse your skin.

Enjoying my foot soak with the Lemongrass and Green Tea dead sea salt.

My toe nails were pampered, foot was buffed and the foot mask was applied and i had a warm feet to end this luxurious foot spa experience.

My feet was pampered and my nails were also painted concurrently so i was changing hands and managing my legs at the same time. The team was very well coordinated and patient with me throughout.

I was later treated to a similar spa for my hands after my gelish manicure was done. Overall the spa experience is a must try to pamper your hands and feet. My husband complimented on my smooth hands and legs after I got home. I feel that as woman, especially a working one, we should pamper ourselves sometimes and not be too harsh on ourselves.


Spot the famous OPI Hello Kitty Range which has lots of nice pink shades in the series. A lady who came in after me opted for 1 of them which had a nice dark pink shade.

Whenever a manicure strikes my mind my first choice will certainly be OPI Gelish manicure. Gelish because they are so much more lasting. I once did a Gelish manicure that last me 2-3 months, if not because my nails have outgrown, I wouldn't have even bothered to remove them. Don't remove them manually like me, you should visit the salon for a proper soak off.

However, this time I wanted something really different from what I have done previously. Plain colors was getting boring for me and I've always wanted something cute, something funky that would reflect my personality. Pastel colors that are soft and soothing to the eyes. Something gentle in color that wouldn't be too loud to usher the new year.

Read on to find out what I did to my nails.

Look at what the talented team has done! These nail art are so lovely. Some are really intricate that they can take up to one whole day for 1 nail art to be done. Please do not request for such a design unless you are ready to sit in the salon for the whole day. Do make your appointment early and advise the manicurist if you already intend to do a specific design.


My manicurist was working really hard on getting the designs I wanted on my nails. I spend a total of about 4 hours+ for my spa and nails to be done but it was totally worth it as I love the end results. Although she is skilled in natural florals, leaves, and shapes I felt that she did a great job though I kept teasing her along the way.

The end results was astonishing! I love the Disney inspired nails. These are nail art drawn from scratch and not stickers and they are drawn to proportion of my nails. It can be very challenging to work some designs on a nail round and short like mine but the manicurist did it. Thank you for making my day! It has gotten me quite some compliments already.

For my husband who doesn't appreciate manicures. He did appreciated this and felt it was very nicely done. For the manicurist, a sincere thanks for the hard work and for the team who had served me that day, I would like to say thank you to each and everyone of you for your dedicated service, for your recommendations on the designs and for the great spa experience. I will definitely be back for more.

Designs are charged separately for each requested style from $10 per nail onward, so usually I would recommend doing only both thumbs if you have a strict budget. It also doesn't make sense if you like to change your manicure frequently, because you'll be wasting your money and the manicurist's time and effort. So the best option would be to go with a simple design that compliments your style.

This is a special rack of OPI Infinite shine nail polishes that gives you the effect of Gelish manicure. They are available at a top up of $5 and are popular with the public.

I had my feet fitting into the pastel color themes as well. These are using the OPI Infinite shine nail polishes.

I love the floral cover on my tea and the little Loacker biscuit that they had given me. That was lunch for the day as I ended my 4+ hour session. For parents with kids, do ensure that your kid don't bring it home as a toy, as I've heard that someone had "accidentally" done it.

Being Bejeweled Singapore's Brand Envoy is truly a bless. I get to experience their top notch services by their friendly and dedicated beauticians cum manicurist. They are a bunch of talented people and they never fail to make my day with their efforts.

Thank you once again to the dedicated team and I shall see you all soon for my next beauty adventure! I wish Bejeweled Singapore team a roaring good year for 2016 and all the best for the coming year.

Bejeweled Singapore offers facial services on top of their nail services. I have previously blogged about them here and here. Click on the links to find out more.

Do also check out their on going promotion and quote "Pearly Tan" when making an appointment to enjoy the special rates.


Bejeweled Singapore is located at :
30 Tai Seng Street
Bread Talk iHQ

Singapore 534013

Nearest MRT station: Tai Seng
5-10 minutes walk from the MRT

Tel: 6443 9789

Disclaimer: Review is honest and based on personal experience. No monetary reward is received for the review. I was invited to experience the service as a brand envoy by Bejeweled Singapore.

Be Confident, Be Yourself.

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