January 2016 Blog Updates


The first month of the brand new year has flown by so quickly, and I see many new blogging opportunities and continual collaborations coming my way. I am thankful to all of you whom have opened up all these doors and showered me with much love. I've been flipping on various Fashion Magazine for some outfit inspirations, and looking for some clothing sponsorship for the upcoming Chinese New Year, so drop me an email or a message if you might have something in mind for me.

This year I wish to be a little different, by giving you regular updates on highlights at the blog and what you may be expecting on a monthly basis.

January 2016 has been nothing short of a great start and a rather busy month. This month, I embarked on a new health and beauty journey with Expressions, a beauty and wellness brand as their brand ambassador. I have taken a 3-day carbohydrate free diet and feasted mainly on their Slim Juice and Wheat Bran capsules. It was a "torturing yet rewarding" experience as I learned to manage my weight better. Despite being petite in size, I do have hidden fats around my tummy and hidden around my internal organs. I was advised to reduce the fats surrounding my organs for a better health. I am looking forward to trying out more of their product and service offerings.

Concurrently, I am also a brand envoy with Bejeweled since late last year. I've tried their Vagheggi Emozioni Calming facial meant for sensitive skin, their hands and feet spa and had a nice Mani and pedicure session where Disney inspired characters were drawn on my nails. I will be heading down to try out other services soon.

Sometime back, I was engaged by Que Origin to be their brand ambassador of their essential oil body shampoo and have since tried 3 different variants. A new seasonal flavor is on the way and I am excited to be trying it soon. I hope that in the near future, I have the opportunity to come out with some of my suggested flavors. Do watch out for the body shampoo giveaway coming up next month.

For the tea lovers, I have been introducing the many variants of Hi-Tea on my blog recently, I am pretty sure you would have known the benefits of tea drinking by now and I hope that you will be inspired to starting on your very own journey soon. A giveaway on some of the teas is also on the cards, so do watch out for it coming your way.

Currently, I am also trying out 2 products from 5 Degree Up, Hong Kong which made use of Thermal Slimming technology in their products to break down my body fats around my flabby arms, tummy and thigh areas. I am yelling "hot! hot! hot! every night". I will be reviewing this product after I end my month long product trial.

For my face, I will be trying out 2 new products from Cellinique, Malaysia  to reduce the sensitivity soothe my skin irritation and reduce its redness. I am hoping that the product will work out for me as the previous range had worked well, so stay tuned and be glued on the blog for reviews.


On a personal level, new job opportunity have not been knocking on my door yet so I am still on a look out for something I may like, while being my own boss. I am starting to think that this is what I might be doing for the rest of my life. Alas, do connect with me if you might have any opportunity for me. Strictly no MLM business please, and no, I do not have interest to sell properties or insurance.

I've also been cleaning up and decorating the house and running around to get our Chinese New Year goodies, while juggling with my business, so I may be a little slower than usual replying emails and reverting so please bear with me a little.

Lastly, I am still on a look out for blog collaborations opportunities so do drop me a message, email me, connect with me, or comment in the post below if you are interested to engage me. If you are a PR company, I welcome you to add me to your list too.

Cheers and have a happy rest of the month ahead as we get ready to usher the Chinese New Year in 2 weeks time!

Be Confident, Be Yourself.

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