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Don't judge a book by its cover, so don't judge me by how I look. I may be small in build, so you are unable to see my fats, but that doesn't mean that I am not fat. I am not a good weight watcher although I do not feast on junk food much. Having said that, I do have days that I felt sad or stressed and I go on a junk feast with no limits. 

Thanks to Expressions Slimming and Wellness, I can now get rid of my stubborn and hidden fats by achieving beauty in the natural and healthy way. Having said that, I am now also officially an Expressions Ambassador. Hence, you should be seeing more reviews of their products and services appearing on my blog as I embark on this new journey to look better.

For a start, I was introduced to Expressions Slim Juice and Wheat Brand and Psyllium capsules to embark on a 3 day Slimming/Detoxification journey.

During my consultation, I was advised to take a light and clean meal during the 3 day period. I was advised to take fruits low in sugar content such as guava, apple and pear and take white meats instead of red meats. I was also advised to take more greens such as the Spinach, Broccoli and Lettuce.

Slim Juice and Wheat Brand and Psyllium

Slim Juice helps you lose weight by:

♥ Burning stubborn fat cells stored away in the body
♥ Draining harmful toxins hindering the absorption of nutrients
♥ Creating a smooth movement for the breakdown of food
♥ Appeases appetite all day long
♥ Reducing your tendency of snacking

Slim Juice is previously known as KiloKiller, each box contains 14 sachets, made in France. 

Dilute one sachet of Slim Juice in a big glass of water (about 100ml), and take it in the morning before your meal. You can also choose to mix it together with your morning dose of fresh fruit juice.
** Please note that excessive consumption will lead to laxative effects

The glass of Slim Juice taste pleasant with a hint of citrus and was refreshing as if I was drinking my regular Orange Vitamin C drink. I didn't had any issues of consuming it, just that I was missing my cup of Milk Tea terribly on the first morning of my detox program.

I avoided carbohydrate rich food for all 3 days especially (bread, rice and noodles), I would also skip lunch on most days. My dinner were usually heavier as it had to last me till the next morning so I would eat fish, boiled chicken meat, and boiled or lightly stir-fried local green vegetables. I would only eat an apple if  I was desperate for a snack just before dinner.

~ I will persevere to get my desired results ~ 

Each Wheat Bran & Psyllium bottle comes with 90 capsules. Made in USA. 

Along with Slim Juice, I was advised to take the Wheat Bran and Psyllium capsules. I was advised to consume 8 capsules in the day, and another 8 capsules in the night, taken before meal times. I was also advised to take lots of water after taking the capsules as they may cause constipation.

Wheat Brand & Psyllium
These capsules are made from 100% herb, making them suitable for vegetarians.


♥ Speeds up body food processing time
♥ Provide body with important vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients
♥ Helps lower cholesterol levels
♥ Cleanses intestinal tracts
♥ Fills you with fiber, reduces appetite without overstimulating the nervous system

I am someone who is used to take a heavy breakfast and a light lunch and dinner. On some days I would even skip my lunch. With the combination of Slim Juice and the Wheat Brand capsules, I was surprised that I did not feel hungry till lunch time, despite only having 2 slices of ham for breakfast on the first day, on subsequent days, I did not even have any breakfast or lunch. I also noticed that I did not have the urge to snack.

Every choice you made has an end result. - Zig Ziglar

I am glad I embarked on my detox slimming journey, which gave me the body confidence I need.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above mentioned products, do quote "GIVEME10" to be entitled to 10% off during check out on . Discount code is valid till end of March 2016. Do remember to quote my name when using it.

Verdict after 3 day Expressions Slim Juice & Wheat Bran detox program:

Total Loss:  
Weight loss: 0.7KG | BMI Loss: 0.3| Muscle Fat Loss: 3.2%| VFA Loss: 1
Body Age Loss 5

Total Gain: 
Body Fat gain 0.9% | RM Kal gained 23|

The consultant was quite surprised and pleased with my results because despite it was only a 3 days program I managed to attain a body age of 18 from 23 and overall there were muscle fat loss and total weight loss although my body fat gained 0.9% due to lack of exercise (opps!).

Are you interested to embark on your very own 3 days detox challenge? You can do so now. All you have to do is simply purchase either the Expressions Detox Kit or a box of Slim Juice to qualify. (by 31 January 2016)

Your reward:

Stand to win a complimentary set of Detox Kit or Slim Juice, along with a $500 Gift Voucher (Expressions Slimming, IPL, and Facial Services) upon successful completion of the Detox Challenge.

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All products were provided for the sole purpose of my review under the Expressions Ambassadorship Program. Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received.

Be Confident, Be Yourself,

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