Product Review: Keep Calm and sip a cup of peach fruit tea from Hi-Tea 2


Do you love to eat fruits? We all know that eating fruits give us a wealth of health benefits. How about a juice or a fruit tea? I'll be sharing with you about my all time favorite Peach Tea.

The fresh and fruity Peach Fruit tea is made from 100% natural flowers and fresh fruits full of vitamins and minerals, both dried and mixed. The tea does not contain caffeine, addictive, artificial coloring and flavoring. If you haven't already heard of Hi-Tea, you can read my previous entry about their Health Series Flower Tea.

In general, the Peach Fruit Tea is medium in strength and is slightly sour in taste. It can be taken hot or chilled with or without honey or sugar.

Peach Fruit Tea 
(Hibiscus, French Rose Buds, Peach, Lemon)

There are 3 different flavored fruit teas mainly the Peach Fruit Tea, Apple Rose and Blue Berry Fruit tea.

I prefer to know what goes into my pack of tea before brewing them.

I have always loved peach tea. I like how Hi-Tea mix a blend of flowers in this tea yet they did not overpower the peach taste.

I could still smell the fruity peach scent as I sipped my tea. The tea tasted very fruity, fragrant, a little sourish and light. It gives off a very nice pinkish color as well. This would make a perfect mid-day perk me up drink.

The Peach Fruit Tea retail at $24.90, 10 sachet in a pack. Do check out the other 2 flavors in the fruit tea series. They are the Blue Berry Fruit Tea and Apple Rose Fruit Tea.  

Currently they are having a promotion where you can purchase 2 boxes of all series of these teas at $18, so its buy 1 get 1 free for all the series.

For more details and product information, do check out:

Hi-Tea Facebook

Hi-Tea Website

Thanks Hi-Tea for sending the products over for review.


All products were provided for the sole purpose of my review. Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review.

Be Confident, Be Yourself, ... and continue to sip tea! 

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  1. Tea! I loved tea so much...but not as much as I love coffee...but tea is very calming and make you forget about your stressful day :)


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