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Caring for your intimate areas are as important as caring for our face and skin. This is something which woman tend to neglect all the time. I heard of people using regular body shampoo, or soap in cleaning their V-areas. This is not appropriate as it may cause the good bacteria to die, and bad bacteria to thrive. Normal shampoo also does not contain the appropriate PH that our V-areas require.

Do you know that 3 out of 4 ladies will experience infection in their V-area and this may become a life time issue?

Common Infection on V-area:

1. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) - You feel a burning pain during urination
2. Vaginitis - Itch, unpleasant odor and discharge

Keeping it clean will save us problems when we are having our periods, intimate moments with our partners and even during pregnancy.

I am not sure about you, but personally before my period I will sometimes face an extremely dry intimate area and some symptoms of itch. I have tried various methods, using intimate washes and wipes, even creams, but they seem to still reoccur after they are gone for some time. Occasionally, I still feel the awkwardness and uncomfortable.

There are also times when I am overseas and I have such an issue. The worse thing is that I am away from home and the wash did not even worked. Perhaps it was too sudden and could not give me any immediate relief.

The PH value of our V-area should ideally be 3.8 - 4.5 such that there is an essential prophylactic protection against bad bacteria. Unfortunately, due to high stress level, heavy workloads and the constantly humid weather, we may not be able to maintain the desired PH levels. This gives bad bacteria a chance to thrive, causing discomfort such as a burning pain, itch and unpleasant odor at our intimate areas.

Have you wondered what the 2 main causes of bad bacteria are, resulting in undesirable symptoms?

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These 2 Bacteria are:

Candida, a diploid fungus that is causal agent of opportunistic oral and genital infections in humans. Humid and damp environment stimulate the most yield of this fungus. If the yield is massive, the V-symptoms will be caused.

2. Bacti-E
.coli, which attaches to the inner V-area and causes discomfort for most females.
The University of Hong Kong discovered that more than 70% of V-symptoms cases were caused by Bacti-E
.coli, after conducting a research with 592 females.

If you experienced the embarrassment moments but is feeling reluctant to use medications, intimate wash or wipes, perhaps I have the solution for you. 

Benefits of using Uticare:

1. Keep only the good bacteria and get rid of the bad bacteria
Using an intimate wash or regular medication may remove both the good and bad bacteria and increase the growth of bad bacteria. There may also be cases of recurrence. Using Uticare will eliminate only the bad bacteria and maintain your intimate health.

2. Fast relief of itch, burning pain and odor
Uticare kills up to 99% of Bacti-E.coli and 92% of Bacti-Candida within 24 hours!

3. Reduce the chance of recurrence
Uticare is formulated to prevent bad bacteria from attaching to tract walls, maintain good bacteria and modulate natural protection against the bacteria.

4. Maintain Healthy Microbiome Balance
Unhealthy daily habits and activities may affect the natural pH values of V areas and disrupt the balance of microbiome. Uticare offers you a comprehensive way to maintain a favorable pH value and the V-health. 

I would even highly recommend you to pop a few of these capsules into your medication box or make-up bag the next time you travel overseas. These may be your best bet to a V-crisis as they offer you relief in 24 hours. 

About Uticare oral supplements:

The oral supplements offers you fast relief made of PACrane and Utirose which kills 99% of Bacti-Ecoli and 92% of Bacti-Candida within 24 hours. It does not contains any western medical substance and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration authorities (FDA). It was also awarded with 14 international patents.


Dosage instructions:
-Consume 1-2 capsules as a V-health protection or preventive and maintenance measure, during vacations, before your periods and after intimate moments. 

-Consume 2 capsules daily, for 3 months as a treatment for reduce occurrence.

-Consume 4 capsules when your V problems occurs, when experiencing odor issues, pain or itch.

I have personally tried it myself. Well, not during the time of V-crisis as I did not feel any itch recently but on 2 occasions, mainly when I feel that my v-area was dry and another time was after my period. On both occasions, the pill works well and I did not feel uncomfortable nor did my V-area felt dry and itchy.

I am happy to say that this pill works for me and I will surely put it into my medicine box and bring it along for my next vacation. Taking the pill is so much easier than using a wet wipe or intimate wash, although at home I would still use them to maintain a good V-hygiene.

You can purchase them via their online shop. Currently 3X10 pills (2 weeks supply),
at HKD$358.

Thank you UtiCare for flying the products all the way from HongKong for my review. I am grateful and I hope that my review will benefit others with similar problems.

Do also check out:
Uticare Website
Uticare Facebook 

Disclaimer: Views are personal, true and honest. Products were provided for the sole purpose of the review. There was no monetary rewards offered. 

Be Confident, Be Yourself.

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