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One of the important things to consider when traveling on a holiday is your accommodation. Choosing the right accommodation can make or break your holiday. 

The wanderlust hat is on me again, after giving you 9 traveling tips for the DIY travelerNow I am going to zoom in specifically for choosing the perfect accommodation. As we all know, deciding for the perfect accommodation can sometimes be a chore. So, how do we start and how do we select the ideal one? In this article, the accommodation may refer to a hotel, motel, hostel, resort, or simply put, a place that you can stay in when you travel.

Here, I share with you 10 Golden Tips for finding the perfect traveling accommodation
, I promise you will find these tips handy.

Tip 1: Set a budget
Always set aside a budget especially if you are on a tight budget. Do allocate a certain amount of dollars to your accommodation. E.g - Set aside $100 SGD per room, per night. Only zoom in and look at accommodation within the $100 SGD range after you have set the budget. You can set this as a filter consideration when searching within a particular accommodation site. I always look within the budget range and increase my budget little by little if the rooms under my budgeted categories does not seem to meet my expectation.

Tip 2: Make use of discount codes on discount sites
Just like how our mother used cut out discount coupons before they do their grocery shopping, you can check out Cheap hotels in Singapore for a discount code that you can use for your accommodation. You can save up to 60% for your accommodation. Some sites also provide a best price guarantee policy and they will refund you the difference up to a certain amount.

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There is also discount code, where you can grab discount vouchers and make your accommodation booking. Some of these discounts are tied to a credit card so check your wallet for the Visa or Master card before you proceed with the booking.

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Do not be little these savings because a dollar saved, is a dollar earned. You could spend them on getting a better room, at your budget amount compared to without using these codes. Besides that, they are so easy to use. Just enter the discount code before checking out.

Tip 3: Book Online, rather than walk-in
Have you ever ponder if it is cheaper to book online or to book directly with the accommodation itself, only when you are about to check in? Booking online is always the cheaper and safer alternative because of the available promotion and room inventory set aside at discounted rates. My advise is to book online because it can be very risky booking offline, as the accommodation place may be running on a high room occupancy on a normal day or end up fully booked at your day of check in. You may end up having to go to several accommodation places, or settle for a less preferred place and have your holiday ruined. Booking online also gives you ample time for comparison of accommodation choices. Do make your bookings only on trusty websites as there are plenty of look-a-like, fake websites waiting to con your money.

Tip 4: Read reviews, sought opinions
Read online reviews from trusty websites. You can even visit the accommodation's Facebook or website itself to check out their reviews. Ask a friend whom have recently visited the country for recommendation or read your favorite blogger's suggestion. Travel reviews are usually based on personal experiences so you can either read a few of them to get an idea of how the accommodation fare and proceed with the booking with an open mind. You can also visit the library or bookstore to pick up some travel guide books and use them as a reference.

Tip 5: Book on new accommodation places
I have shared this tip previously. If you are the adventurous type, book on newer accommodation places to get better rates. New accommodation places tend to run very frequent and good promotions. Besides that, the amenities are new and you can to be the first person to check out the place. The flip side for this though, is that there are usually few or no reviews of the place, so you have no one to reference to but to trust your instincts. Being new, they might also not be fully equipped or may still be renovating certain areas of the accommodation place so you should get yourself prepared for minor hiccups during the stay.

Tip 6: For amenities or for stay
Are you booking the accommodation purely as a place to rest after a day of touring? Or are you booking the accommodation so that you get to relax and enjoy the amenities and facilities in the accommodation? Ask yourself this important question before you proceed with your booking. If you are traveling for the sake of experiencing the accommodation, then you should not mind paying slightly more so that you get the fancy Jacuzzi, bathtub in shower room or to pay extra for that king sized bed and feather filled pillow. Go ahead and splurge for that amazing sea-view room if you are there to enjoy the accommodation. You may also decide if you would prefer to sleep in late and check out the local places for a good breakfast or wake up early and enjoy the breakfast provided by the accommodation.

Tip 7: Wireless Internet Connection
This is becoming an increasingly important factor for booking the perfect accommodation. Is Wifi offered within the accommodation place's lobby only or is is available for free in the room? If you are traveling overseas and wish to stay connected with your family and friends, you may find this important. Of course there are other options such as renting a Wi-fi device for your overseas travel which I have covered in another article previously.

Tip 8: Location of Accommodation
While some travelers prefer to stay close to the airport, some may choose to stay within the city area where they get to do majority of their shopping and get the ease of traveling back and forth. Obviously, all these comes with a heavier price tag. Some may also prefer the outskirts so that they get the peace and tranquility which they are looking for.

Tip 9: Transport to Accommodation
You may wish to consider the ease of getting to your preferred accommodation. While some accommodation offers their in-house pick-ups, limousine taxis, van and shutter buses to ferry you to their location all these may come with an additional price tag. Some locations may be out of the way and require you to book a sea-plane or speed boat before you can reach their place. E.g- In Maldives, most resorts are reachable only via a few hours of flight via the Sea Plane while the others that are nearer to the airport, can be reached via a speed boat. Check your options before you hit the BOOK NOW button.

Tip 10: Themed Accommodation
Theme accommodation, in particularly the hotels and resorts are becoming crazily popular. Even the budget hotels and home stay options now have themed rooms available for your selection. These make great choices if you are going for the holiday with the main aim to explore and enjoy the accommodation. You can even consider switching to different themed rooms at different days of your stay if you don't mind moving your belongings around.

Do consider these 10 golden tips the next time you make a booking for your perfect accommodation! Do you have more tips to share? Do comment below and share with me.

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Be Confident, Be Yourself... and go ahead to book your dream accommodation now!

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  1. All tips are good and choosing perfect accommodation in our own budget is quite difficult. Your shared golden tips are very helpful and useful. I always try to find cheap hotels accommodation. So it will helpful to me.


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