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The Lunar New Year celebrations may be over but taking care of our skin should not just be a yearly affair. It is the best if you could visit the salon every month or at least every two months to have your regular facial so as to keep your skin at optimal conditions. Your beautician can also highlight any issues you may have with your skin immediately so that you can seek suitable facial treatments early .

Back at the so familiar, cozy, relaxing and friendly atmosphere where I have got to know almost every beautician and manicurist they have by now. Most of them are doubling up with multiple duties, meaning they do not focus on just 1 single aspect. So far I have not been choosy to stick to just one single beautician, as I feel its good to keep my options open.

The purpose of my visit was to get my regular facial done. The last time 2 times which I had done my facial in December 2015 and November 2015, was also at the same place, by Bejeweled Singapore, located in Bread Talk Building.

Going for my facial in the same room as I've previously been using for the first two visits. After removing my light make-up, the beautician had carefully inspected my face under the bright light and suggested me to try out the Vagheggi White Moon Treatment for whitening and brightening of my face. She assured me that the facial is suitable for my sensitive skin and will help lighten my pigmentation bringing some moisture and glow back.

As I've mentioned I usually do not interrupt my beautician when they are working on my face. I managed to take a selfie when she turned away for a moment to get water to prepare for the wash off. You can see my eyebrows neatly plucked by now. 

Let me share with you more about the Vagheggi White Moon Treatment. The facial takes about 90 minutes.

The Vagheggi White Moon Treament has 5 main objectives:

1. Prevent and reduce uneven skin colour and blemishes
2. Even skin complexion
3. Smooth skin surface
4. Regulate melanin production
5. Shield against pollution

Active Ingredients includes:
@Glabridine - For the glowing factor
@Beta-gulcan - Prevention of free radicals
@Lipophilic-delivered vitamin C - Lighten and brighten skin

Facial cost : $228 (Check out on-going promotions)

The pimple extraction this round was more painful than the previous as it was done by another beautician (not the one who served me during my first two visits) but the pain was bearable. The beautician was attentive enough to check with me if  I was doing okay. She even asked me about the massage strength and I told her she can use more force.

The relevant Vagheggi White Moon Treatment products were applied on my face, and serum applied with the hand held device. The mask felt itchy when first applied on my skin but went off rather quickly. Her massage skills was so good (or was it because I was having a slight flu), that not long after, I have fallen asleep while relaxing myself inhaling the goodness of the lavender essential oil both used to massage me and diffused in the room.

By now it is already my 4th visit to Bejeweled Singapore. I am loving the consistent good service, attentive and skillful beautician. Kudos for making every experience a happy and pleasant experience.

These are some of the Vagheggi White Moon products in retail set used during my facial. The salon set used during my facial have a less fancy packaging. They feel good on my sensitive skin and smells good too. The products helps in skin repairing and prevents pigmentation. You can purchase these products if you like what had been used on you during the facial. Do enquire with your beautician.

Look at my fresh face after the facial. My face is less sensitive and no longer crack or peel ever since I've been taking good care of them from my daily maintenance, applying face products that moisturizes my skin well and visiting Bejeweled Singapore regularly for my facials.

Thank you Bejeweled Singapore for your time and effort in helping me maintain a healthy and beautiful face and nails so that I can be confident in showing my face and nails whenever I attend events and take a selfie or photograph.

Bejeweled Singapore is located at :
30 Tai Seng Street
Bread Talk iHQ

Singapore 534013

Nearest MRT station: Tai Seng
5-10 minutes walk from the MRT

Tel: 6443 9789

Disclaimer: Review is honest and based on personal experience. No monetary reward is received for the review. I was invited to experience the service as a brand envoy by Bejeweled Singapore.

Be Confident, Be Yourself.

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