February 2016 Blog Updates - 22 Feb


In February 2016, we celebrated 2 major occasion. We celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year, where we spend days visiting our relatives giving and receiving red packets, munched on festive goodies like the bak kwa, took a walk around Chinatown to find out what's new and hot in the festive market this year, visit the River Ang pao for sight-seeing and find time to spring clean our home.

I took the opportunity to trash out old and expired make-ups and skin care products so as to make space for new beauty products. I guess this gives me the opportunity to check out the lipstick from  Giverny beauty products Singapore. *Hint Hint*. As the Chinese saying goes, if the old doesn't go, the new doesn't comes. 旧的不去,新的不来。

On February 13, one day before the actual Valentine's Day, I celebrated the day with my husband in the afternoon. This is the day where most ladies look forward to receive a nice bouquet of red roses from their loved one. Although I had mentioned that I did not want any this year, I still received one  and like last year, my husband bought the roses for a cause (proceeds were donated to charity). He later surprised me with another bouquet of foam flowers on the actual day.

For our past few years tradition, we usually spend our time feasting, so this time round we tried the buffet at Triple Three at Mandarin Orchard as there was a one for one buffet promotion. We loved the freshly sliced raw salmon the most, followed by the wide range of dessert choices. My husband also had a feasting spree with the chocolate ice-cream Popsicle while I had only one of the strawberry flavored one.

Simple celebrations like this are the best. As they said, its Valentine's Day everyday so long as both of you are deeply in love with each other. We wanted to catch a movie after but was running short of time as I had an event to attend. Oh well, you don't need to wait till Valentine's Day to celebrate your love nor catch a movie together.

On the same day, I also attended the #SSJenDreamcation sample store event where I got to meet up with many of my favorite blogging friends. We spend the evening taking plenty of nice photographs for the lucky draw. Swaying our bodies, enjoying the music and the wind at Hotel Jen.

We munched on light finger food and catch up with life. It was a pity none of the ladies in my gang won anything for ourselves. We were all eyeing for that Hotel Jen Staycation, nevertheless we had fun with the reverse bingo game and horoscope game that Sample Store had especially planned for us.

Just to let you in... something new will be coming up on Sample Store for the influencer known as the Sample Store connect, so do watch out for it. Thank you Sample Store for the kind invitation and I love all the items on your goodies bag and that beautiful stalk of rose! I will bring the samples for my next dream vacation.

I think I looked slimmer in my recent photographs, especially at my arms and thigh areas. I am giving thanks to all the Slimming products sponsors for the products which I've had been vigorously trying on. I love ya all for taking care of me in various aspects.

Last but not least, remember the Expression Slim Juice challenge that I've asked you guys to vote for me? I was nominated to be one of the two best blogs for the challenge for the month of January. Without all of your precious vote and support, I would not even think I might have a chance to win the challenge.

Are you one of the lucky 8 voters that won 1 month worth of slim juice? The results are out. Do remember to check your Facebook inbox for it. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to all my voters, followers and friends. Do continue to support me and my blogging journey.

Life is not all rosy and nice all the time. I do have my down times. Last week, I found myself dropped by an agency for the 3rd time in 3 years for no reason at all. They have missed out sending invitation to me to one of their generic events yet again. How did I realize it? Well this industry is small and my cliques are with that agency as well. I have checked with them the previous time, their reason was that they have forgotten and "left me out".

They have previously approached me to send me something for review, but they never did. Later when they approached me for the 2nd time to confirm, they did not send again. I have even given them my residential address. No reasons were given for why they failed to deliver what they had promised and so I didn't ask further either.

I told myself that if they do not value me as their blogger, I will move on. It is of no use getting upset over it. Such is life, as a blogger, this is what I have to face. Letting go of them is perhaps the best solution. People come and people go. Perhaps a new opportunity will be knocking at my door soon.

Are you the one I am waiting for?
Email me at pearlywerkz@outlook.com if you have something for me.

Be Confident, Be Yourself.

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