Event Review: 10 Carinval games you could try at Uncle Ringo


" In my soul, I am still that small child who do not care about anything else, but the beautiful colors of a rainbow." - Paphia Ghosh

Everyone has an inner child that lives within them. When we were young, we pester our parents to bring us to these carnival games which we often didn't know what we were doing, but merely going with the flow, joining other kids for some fun. 

We want to have a go at everything, hit every tin can, shoot down targets and take a magical ride on that moving horse carousel and go a fairy tale adventure on that mini Ferris wheel, while our parents looked at the innocent us having the fun of our lives.

To begin your magical adventure, proceed to the booth and purchase your Uncle Ringo access card at either $22 for a $20 card or $50 for a $50 card at the ticket booth. This card grants you access to your fairy land carnival games and rides around Uncle Ringo's territory.

We had $50 worth of credits in our card, so our strategy was to maximize the number of games we could play judging by the difficulty and cuteness of the toy. Each game was at $5, meaning we could try our hands on 10 different games if we just had one go on each of them.

Game #1 Toss the ball into the color cup

To access what I wish to play, I usually judge by the toy that was given and the difficulty level of the games. I thought this looks pretty easy. All I have to do is throw the yellow plastic ball and if it lands on either of the colored cups I'll get something. Tried my hands on the ball and it quickly bounced off. Tried the second one... bingo it landed... but on a "colorless" cup. Dang... in the end I got nothing after 3 tries.

Game #2 Roll the Ping Pong into the right tray

We went on further to try our luck at this game. I really loved the Stitch toy and I did not mind even if I get a mini Stitch too. For this game you have to release the ping pong ball on the acrylic plastic and allow it to drop into the slots. Most of my balls ended up in the "0", hubby's ball ended in one of the small numbers so I went off with nothing.

To console myself, I asked my hubby to take a photograph of me with the lovely Stitch toy. I was practically grinning because I told the store attendant that I am consoling myself, since I didn't win the toy, at least let me take a photo for memory sake.

Game #3 Roll the ball into the right hole

Next up, we tried another rolling ball game. These balls actually lights up when you tap them gently on the table. So we tried our hands on rolling the ball to the holes. Hubby's ball kept on falling back down so he tried again and again. Mine kept going to the number "5" hole. In the end, we didn't accumulate enough points to redeem anything as well. So sad.

Game #4 Hit the target

I used to play the archery when I was back in my secondary school days and I did fairly well shooting targets and balloons. You can imagine my disappointment when I realized that this one was a throwing dart and had no bows to it. I "complained" about the wind conditions and then ya, it landed on nothing on the first try, hubby tried two and landed close but still got nothing and finally my last dart landed just in the red card.

See my winning dart? So lucky! Haha, I won a small duck toy for this lucky shot.

Game #5 Smash those ABC blocks

Minons Minons Minons! Plenty of them here. This game does not looks as easy as it seems. You need to hit the tray of blocks down not just for them to land on the tray, you have to hit them off the tray. Although the baseball has some weight, it was quite difficult. So we went off empty handed yet again.

Game #6 Smack the metal tins off

Looking at the light weighted black sacks, I already knew how hard it would be but I decided to let my hubby give it a go at this.

You are only provided with 3 black sacks and you have to hit all the heavy tin cans down. Well, no luck for us for this game either. We didn't win anything.

Game #7 Toss the ball into the milk bucket

Tried our luck to toss this base ball into the "Milk bucket". I tried one and my ball didn't even went near. Hubby tried it and managed to get one ball in. We got a small Minon toy from his win.

Game #8 Make your ball stay within the Lobster Pot

For this Lobster Pot game, all you have to do is allow the ball to land in the bucket and not let it bounce out. You have 2 tries for it, but it is so difficult to do. We didn't manage to win anything from this game either.

Game #9 Smash those milk bottles off

I see the black sack again. Tried my hand at this, I managed to drop the top most milk bottle but only onto the tray. We almost got all the milk bottle down but tough luck. Went off without anything for this as well.

Game #10 Toss the hula into the squares

The hoops looks big but it is not easy to get them into the square blocks. Most of the time you will not even get close to the block but have the hula hoops flying all over. A tough one indeed.

Standing in front of the scary UFO spinning ride that some of the bloggers were ridding on. I dare not take rides with heights or seems too adventurous.

There are many other stores that offers other kinds of games and rides available at Uncle Ringo, if you are interested, do give them a go.

Here's a last shot taken with the rest of the bloggers who were there, Francis the guy in spectacles and Uncle Ringo himself, the one in the center with the brightest smile. Oh, you may have a go at the bumper car ride too! These are rare finds nowadays.

Thank you Francis and Uncle Ringo for the kind invitation to relive my childhood once again. My hubby and I had a great time before we proceeded on to tour the Marina Bay i Lights. I will cover i Lights in a separate post as this post is way too long. Till then...

Uncle Ringo is at Marina Bay Sands together with i lights Marina Bay, happening till 27 March 2016 happening daily, so do catch them while you are on your way to visit i lights.

Disclaimer: I was invited by Francis and Uncle Ringo to this event and sponsored $50 credits for the carnival games, solely for the purpose of my review. Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review.

Be Confident, Be Yourself.

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  1. Hello! It would be awesome if you could provide us with the price of each ride! Thank you in advance!

  2. Hi Amanda Collen, each of the store games are at $5 per try. As a reference, the bumper car ride I think it is at $10 per car for about 15 minutes or so, most of the rides e.g - UFO, Carousel rides are under $10. It'll be better to check it out at the carnival for yourself. I didn't include the prices as not all of them were up during this blogger event and I didn't take the rides myself.


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