Event Review: i lights at Marina Bay now till 27 March 2016


i light Marina Bay is back! From now till 27 March 2016, feel free to drop by Marina Bay Waterfront to experience Asia's Leading Sustainable Light Art Festival. The experience is free for all, happening nightly from 7.30pm to 11pm (It is extended till 12mn on Fri & Sat).

Lightwalk - Jen Lewin , USA

Walk or run towards the censored light areas and hear the rhythm of the music while you take a light walk.

This year's theme is "In Praise of Shadows", features 25 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installation by creative talents from around the world. You'll see installments that have incorporated recyclable materials and adopted energy-efficient technologies in their light art installations.

Kampong installation seems to be there for visitors to revisit their childhood games. The flash light suppose to dance according to the ping-pong action when the players played the game. We could not find the ping pong balls and the installation doesn't seem to be working the way it should be. This doesn't seems to be one of i-light's installation.

Groove Light - NUS, Singapore
You're supposed to focus on the shadow designs on the floor according to how the lights are manually dropped by control of a string.

Bolt - Jun Ong , Malaysia features some light tubes installation which has certain florescent tubes lighted lighted up when buttons are triggered. These tubes seems to be LED tubes which are supposed to be energy saving.

The Unveiled Beauty - NYP Singapore, has rows and rows of signed acrylic cards which was controlled by lights of various colors behind it.

Lampshade - Snohetta , Norway made of simple bamboo structures and solar panels which lights up the shade seems to offer a lighted shelter for the public within the art installations.

Angels of Freedom - OGE Group, Gaston Zahr & Merav Eithan , Germany & Israle - This is one of the most crowded installations. There are 5 sets of  different  angels wings and you'll see people quickly filling up the space and taking photos all around.

Moon Haze - Feng Jiacheng & Huang Yuanbei, China - This installation reminded me so much of the hazy times we have here in Singapore, however I don't seem to see any shadows or light? So I am wondering are we supposed to base it on "natural light"?

C'Scape - Illuminate LD, Singapore - It seems like they are trying to project the Singapore city space here.

Light Origami - Kaz Shirane, Japan - Reminds us fondly of our Singapore Durian a.k.a the esplanade from the outside, and is filled with mirrors inside.

Lightscape Pavillion - MisoSoupDesign, Taiwan - We're loving the little acrylics installation on top of each pavilion towers. It does remind us of our Gardens by the Bay too.

Sonic Tower - Zulkifle Mahmod, Singapore & What a Loving and Beautiful World - Artscience Museum teamlab, Malaysia - The installations that is shown on the art science museum has always proved to be interesting because of the colors and designs that were reflected on them .

The sonic tower on the other hand offers some kind of amusement from the technology behind that was used to coordinate both light and metal sound movements.

Ground Control To Major Tom - Rohan Abdullah & Stanley Yeo, Singapore - This is a simple tower installation that resembles the rocket.

Ode to the Wind - NTU School of Art, Design and Media, Singapore - The bamboo poles are supposed to light up as the wind blows but due to its location, we hardly get any wind. Hence, you can see that they look very dull here.

Dandelion - Supermachine Studio
, Thailand - We wonder did they get this inspiration from the lamps at Ikea?


Shadow Bath - Loop.pH, United Kingdom - It reminds me of the ball game where children can enter and run in it.

The Cloud - Kenny Hong, Singapore -
Can someone please enlighten me on which part of this looks like a cloud?

These are just some out of the 25 installations that were displayed along the Marina i lights route. Do make a trip on your own and see what you can make out of these on your own.

While you are there, feel free to also check out the additional line-up of activities over the weekends such as some special performances. They do have some dining options and engaging workshops around.

Do check out Uncle Ringo too, if you happen to be around the vicinity!

Uncle Ringo is at Marina Bay Sands together with i lights Marina Bay, happening till 27 March 2016 happening daily, so do catch them while you are on your way to visit i lights.

Disclaimer:  We visited i lights after our experience at Uncle Ringo. This review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review.

Be Confident, Be Yourself.

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