Event Review: Perrier Masterclass on award-winning Master Mixologist, Laurent Greco


Singapore celebrates its Cocktail week from 12-19 March 2016. Mixologist Mr Laurent Greco was invited to hold its first time ever Perrier Masterclass session.

I was happy to be able to make it to the session which was held at Mariko's Bar.

Mr Laurent is the Best Bartender of the US for two consecutive years, Pernod Suze and Chevalier des cordons bleus de France. He owns the magazine "Cocktailzone", and is devoted to "Flair Bartending", via his company "Flybottle", which he produces training tools for bartenders. He practices his passion in mixology at his brain child - a bar called "Mojito Lab".

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Several Cocktails and some Mocktails were specially concocted to spark up different times of the day from morning to evening. These sparkling cocktails can serve as a complementary to your meal or be savored on its own for an unforgettable experience.

As interesting as it seems, Mr Laurent Greco focus on 3 main elements when concocting his blends. He presents his drinks in pretty vessels and makes use of items such as a lamp shade, making use of lighted plastic ice-cubes as ornaments, a glass jar to cover his drinks, a Tikki cup or even Russian doll to present his drinks, making them a feast for the eyes.


He focus on your sense of smell by inducing smell into his drinks such as using the cinnamon, mint leaves and the most exaggerating move was several spritz of the famous Channel No. 5 perfume.


The last element was the taste of the drink through the use of the mix of various spirits for the alcohol drinks and syrup such as the sugarcane syrup and gula melaka syrup. An uncommon ingredient, the cotton candy, was also used to make his Mocktail. Mr Laurent used our local Nescafe to create a non alcoholic drink, called Perrier Frappe.


He made use of these 3 elements to enhance the experience for his guest. In return they are doing a favor to him by sharing their experience on social media which means publicity for his bar and for this unique experience, they are willing to pay more for it.

About Perrier

Perrier, the original and still the world's number 1 Natural Sparkling Mineral Water, has been indispensable ingredient in a Mixologist's cocktail repertoire for over seventy years, playing a central role in creation of Classics such as the Whisper, Gin Fizz, The Collins Cocktails and Mojito. It is treasured for its high quality composition and naturally low bicarbonate and sodium content, the uniquely refreshing taste of Perrier perfectly preserves and complements the flavor of spirits. At the same time, the intense bubbles make Perrier a distinctive refreshment, that provides an extreme sensorial stimulation, which can quench thirst like nothing else.

Thank you WOM PR for this sensational experience.

Disclaimer: Review is honest and based on personal experience. No monetary reward is received for the review. I was invited to the Perrier Masterclass experience by WOM PR. All recipes are abstracted from Perrier Facebook.

Be Confident, Be Yourself.

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