Lifestyle Review: Disney On Ice Magical Ice Festival 2016


I was very lucky to win 4 tickets to Disney On Ice, Magical Ice Festival. I've always yearned to go for one but never did as we can never find the spare cash to go for it. So when I knew that I've won the tickets from Danessa's blog giveaway, I was delighted. (2 of them were given away)

It was my 2nd time at this place but the first time watching Disney On Ice.

Took Tracy and her friend along with me with the additional pair of tickets, fulfilling a promise to her, as I know she also wanted to watch this show very much.

Here is the 3 ladies delighted that we are going to watch our favorite characters skate on the ice! I'm always delighted to meet new people although I can be very shy.

Mickey and Minnie comes on the set as host of the night with their good friends Goofy and Donald Duck.

First up, was The Little Mermaid Ariel who sacrificed her voice for in exchange for a pair of legs from the sea witch after falling in love with Eric whom she had saved from drowning.

Sebastian the crab with the Mermaid's sisters.

Here's evil Ursula negotiating with Ariel over her voice which was her most precious asset.

Watch her amazing rope stuns when her fins was transformed into human legs. The audience was deeply captivated by her stuns.

The second story was Rapunzel! One would remember her because of her extremely long hair. Don't worry too much about her as her hair was tied up throughout the show. We wonder why the horse was angry?

We loved the scene where they left Rapunzel's home, in search for the lighted lanterns that leads to the return of the Princess. The scene felt magical.

The third story was Beauty and the Beast. This is one of my favorite childhood stories! I particularly like the idea that Belle was a bookworm and that that because of love, the fiery beast turned into a human again as the curse was broken.

But wait, here's her mad pursuer who is pestering Belle, despite her not loving him.

Watch Belle dance with the fork , knifes, candle, teapot and the rest of the food serving crew as she was served a meal at the Beast's palace.

Loved the beautiful backdrop of the shelf of books as they fell in love and lives happily ever after.

Last but not least, Frozen! Where almost every child sing together in tune to the theme song. "Let it go... let it go..." as the lyrics is still sound in our hearts. We guessed that at least half of the audience, in particularly kids, will not be present if not for this particular segment.

I guess this is the only story which they would be more familiar with, as it was showed recently in 2013. Here's the ice seller with his trusty reindeer Sven.

Watch how Anna fell in love with this Prince Hans which she thought she had found true love.

Or was the ice seller, Kristoff her true love? They went in search for her sister Elsa in an effort to restore the kingdom. But guess who they met along the way? Singing snow man Olaf who wanted nothing but warm and hugs.

 Hans is trying to kill Elsa, but why? 

Anna found Elsa but is this the end? Is this happily ever after for the sisters?

You will probably be a little lost throughout, if you are a child born in the late 1990s or early 2000s. But as children who grew up watching Disney cartoons, we are so familiar with the characters and brief story lines. Today is the last day of the show so if you're going, do find the answers to this mystery. If not, you might wanna read up the stories for the answers.

There are lots of Disney merchandises available for your purchase so do look out for them if you are there.

Disclaimer: Review is honest and based on personal experience. No monetary reward is received for the review. The tickets was won from a blog giveaway.

Be Confident, Be yourself.

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