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Its been a joy and my pleasure working with Hi-Tea, coming up with all these sharing of their assortments of Hi-Tea. This post marks the finale of my 8 part tea-sharing series. I hope you had benefited from reading these reviews and enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed sipping them. Do let me know if you are keen to try out any of these flavors, I'll be happy to share a few sachets with you and will get more if they run out.

The Slimming Series is a concoction of Hindu Lotus, Roselle and Hawthorn Fruit. They come in these yellow sachets and are packed individually in tea bags.

As with all other Hi-teas, consumers can choose to take the drink hot or chilled, with or without honey or sugar, with a lemon or lime slice. This particular tea is targeted at those who wish to slim down in a less tedious way.

A close up of the blend of tea leaves. You can see the huge pieces of Hindu Lotus in this blend which is also causing it to have a peculiar taste to it. You will either love it or hate it.

The taste of the tea is strong with the taste of the Hindu Lotus which tasted strongest. I don't recommend you to open up the tea bag for this tea as well, because the Hindu Lotus leaves are light, they will float up and the water takes quite some time to drip into the tea pot from the strainer.

The tea gives off a nice hue of pinkish red, most likely the colour runs from the
Roselle and Hawthorn Fruit. The flower tea is retailed at $26.90 for 10 sachets, sold in a pack. 

There are a total of 5 different blends of teas in the flower tea range. These teas are carefully blended to give you the best benefits, taste and aroma. Check out the other 4 different Flower Teas such as the Health Series, Beauty series, Anti-aging Series and Relaxation Series.

Other than the flower tea, there are also the various fruit teas, 3 of them which I have shared in my previous post, retailing at $24.90 for 10 sachets, in a pack. These fresh and fruity teas are made from 100% natural flowers and fresh fruits full of vitamins and minerals, both dried and mixed.

There are also various loose teas that are available. These teas are single type premium, natural loose tea which are imported at low quantities to ensure that they are most natural and fresh. They are available at $22.90 per pack.

More varieties will be coming, meanwhile there are 5 popular selections which includes:

1. Chamomile Tea
2. Chrysanthemum Tea
3. French Rose Tea
4. Lemon Grass Tea
5. Peppermint Tea

All Hi-Tea does not contain caffeine, addictive, artificial coloring and flavoring.

Good News! They are still having a promotion where you can purchase 2 boxes of all series of these teas at $18, so its buy 1 get 1 free for all the series. Promotion last until end of April 2016 where a new packaging will unveil.

For more details, product information and promotions, do check out:

Hi-Tea Facebook

Hi-Tea Website

Thanks Hi-Tea for sending the products over for review.

Disclaimer: All products were provided for the sole purpose of my review. Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review.

Be Confident, Be Yourself, ... and continue to sip tea!

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