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Have you read part 1 of my ASUS ZenFone Max Review? This Monster battery phone is more than just a Smartphone.

The ASUS ZenFone Max can serve as a power bank to charge your electronic devices while on the go. Simply connect the second device with the bundled USB on-the-go(OTG) Cable and you can start charging. You can also connect to an SD card reader to view the photos contained in it via the ASUS ZenFone Max.

By default, your ZenFone Max will continue to charge a connected USB OTG device even when it is on its sleep mode. You can change this setting if you like. Go to System settings > Power Management > Reverse Charging

The ASUS ZenFone runs on the ASUS ZenUI which has many useful features which you will love. Check out my favorite 8 from this list which I have compiled for your reference. More can be found here.

The Kids Mode is great for those with young children who likes to play with their parent's phone as you can keep certain functions away from them and the Easy Mode is great for the elders who just need basic functions of a smartphone and would prefer bigger icons.

Photo credits: Asus 

Pay special attention to the Power Saving App. This app can be found on all other ASUS ZenFone series smartphone. Make use of this app to extend the battery life of the phone even more.

Check out the 5 Battery Modes:

1) Performance
2) Normal (Default setting) - System adjust phone CPU performance and Brightness
3) Power Saving - Receive and make calls as per normal, disables data network when device is asleep and re-enables when device is awake. App notification will only be received when phone is awake.
4) Super Saving

These battery saving modes are life savers especially for people whom are constantly on the go! Switch between modes to save your battery life.

5) Customized- Select extend standby to configure the apps which you would like to receive notification less frequently to further maximize your battery life.

Camera Modes and Features:

To activate the camera,  use ASUS ZenMotion, which in sleep mode, swipe the letter C on the screen to activate the main camera, or S to activate the front camera.

Camera Modes:
Information on each mode is provided by tapping on the "i" icon as seen on the left hand side of this photo If you are unsure of which mode to use, just hit on the Auto mode.

Manual - Configure your own settings
Try it if you are adventurous enough!

Look at these beautiful Orchids taken in Changi Airport, presented through the HDR Mode! It is no wonder Singapore is such a beautiful city.

HDR -Expands the dynamic range and grabs more details out from high contrast or strong back lit sense

Look at this super resolution photo which shows you such clarity and details of this make-shift building piece.

Super Resolution - Combine multiple shots to create incredible, detailed photos

Low Light (3M) - Boost up light sensitivity for a clear and bright low-light shots without the use of build-in flash.

I tried taking photos of a nearby HDB Block of flats and was surprised by the clarity of this night shot. For shots with a reasonable amount of lighting, the ASUS ZenFone Max works well, but for those with poor lighting, the photos turned out blurry.

Night - Slower shutter speed to capture more light in dark scenes

Effect - Filter effects for creative and fun images

Grabbed my husband for a Wefie with the front camera. Not too bad, we can see the instant beautification at work for selfies. Look at our flawless complexion!

- High Resolution of selfie images using rear camera.
Beautification - Applies multiple facial enhancements before pressing shutter button

Panorama - Grabs a wide panoramic view of your surroundings.

Smart Remove - Removes unwanted moving objects from the background.
All Smiles - Combines each person's best expression from multiple shots into a single perfect group photo.
Slow Motion - Records fast-moving objects with very high frame rate and plays back in slow speed.
Time Lapse -Records the Video in a slower pace and plays back in normal speed.

I put 3 different modes to the test using a vase of dried roses and my Cactus plant,

- Camera's best settings depending on environment
In this mode, the Cactus was made the main focus but overall the photo looks ordinary and plain.

Depth of Field - Photos of close-up subjects with soft background
The mode made the main subject, my Cactus sharp and blurred the vase behind giving it a sharper presence in the photo.

Miniature - Captures a photo of a life-sized object and turns it into a small-scale model. This mode made my Cactus looked small. Even the vase behinds it now look like a miniature.

I also tested this mode on my plate of Thai fried rice. It gives it a nice feel although my plate of rice did not turn into a miniature.

The Time Rewind mode is perfect for unstable hands taking moving images because it captures images before you even press the shutter button! How amazing is technology nowadays?

Time Rewind - Recording images before and after pressing the shutter button.

I managed to capture this game on the social tree at Changi Airport while it was counting down as a GIF. It looks kinda fun as it seems like a mini video.

GIF Animation - Captures a series of images and convert them into a moving image or GIF.

The GIF Animation mode is perfect for my moving dinosaur photo that I took in Langkawi Skypark. I find this so amusing whenever I looked at it. I got scared by it initially as I wasn't aware that it can move.

I had fun exploring the phone and some of its main functions. Overall this is a good basic smartphone to have with a basic camera which performs better in its day shots then night shots with fun modes to spruce up your photographs and a commendable battery life and battery saving apps.

ASUS ZenFone Max is available at ASUS brand stores, ASUS authorized dealers, Singtel and StarHub at $249. Check out more information of the ASUS ZenFone Max and purchase it here.

Disclaimer: Review is honest and based on personal experience. No monetary reward is received for the review. I was invited to review the phone by Alvinology Media.

Be Confident, Be yourself.

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