Event: Osim Sundown Marathon 2016 - A night of many first


It was my first night run.
It was my first 5km fun run.
It was my first 5k night run with my hubby.
It was also my first 5k night run with Tracy.

So, how does it feel having achieved so many first in one night? Awesome! It was a night of many first and great memories that will keep me going.

I have never done any "commercial" marathon before. Perhaps only those in school, so I had no idea what was going to happen. I appeared at the race village at the F1 Pit Building along with my hubby to meet Tracy. I had no expectation for this run, and did not do any training beforehand (though I kept saying I would, I didn't) so I was feeling a little excited and worried at the same time that I might be one of the last few runners walking back.

Tracy and I taking a pre-run shot!

Thank you for celebrating my first run. It surely felt great knowing that she too was in the run. I guess its good to have a run buddy but I highly doubt that I could keep up with her pace so I jokingly told her I was going to walk the whole route and I'll see her in approximately 2hours.

Here, we admired the beautiful Singapore Flyer. I guess this is a common place where most runs will flag off in Singapore, meaning I would be coming here more often if I should decide to run more and challenge my limits.

Feeling thirsty, we hydrated ourselves with water before we headed to the flag off point. We smelled 100 plus but it was only water. We predicted that we may get the actual 100 plus drink at the end of our race.

The flag off for the 5km Fun Run was at about 8pm and we were the first wave runners. There were many kids ahead of us. I was quite worried that I may bang into one of them or accidentally step on them.

Run Limitless, run free! Be Limitless. We were hyped up before the race, hearing the host of the night sending encouraging messages our way. It felt quite good with the music and all the "rarr rarr" going on.

Off we go for our 5km fun run! At the beginning I was running slow and picking up speed as we race along the route. I tried to keep the same momentum throughout so that I would not be drained out.

Throughout the race, the sign boards were a little misleading. We were wondering if we were left with X meters to go, or we were already at X meters. The path seems to be quite narrow as well, my hubby fell down twice throughout the race, thankfully he was not injured and was able to continue the race.

I was really glad to have him run aside me, although I know that he would be so much faster than me, but he didn't want to be too far off, just in case anything might happen to me. We find that it was quite dark to run at some areas too.

I was quite surprised to catch up with Tracy as I was walking along and almost reaching the helix bridge and then before I knew it, she was gone again. We were walking from there till the hydration point, until we reach somewhere along Satay by the Bay near the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay. That part was my favorite route, though it was also the most narrow path.

I felt that the best part of the race was at the turning point where I knew I had completed 1/2 of the race and is about to return and complete the race. We picked up speed and started running again when we were exiting Gardens by the Bay and jogged till we were under the bridge near the hydration point and across the highway area turning back towards the f1 pit building.

Running back to the F1 Pit building, i picked up speed and told myself not to stop. I ran all the way from under the bridge till we reached the finishing point.

We were then handed a 100 plus drink and a banana before we picked up our medals. Tracy had already completed her run and was waiting for me.

It was a great experience, a night of many first. I hope this will not be my last run. I was glad I managed to complete my 5km run. I managed to clock around 50 minutes for a 5km run. I think I did well for a first-timer.

If you are still hesitating to start your first run, think no more and go for it. If I can do it, you will have no problems too.

My advise would be to go for a 5km run first and progressively increase the route. If you are non-competitive, then you can stick with 5km. They are quite fun. Grab a buddy to go with you, running with someone is better than doing it alone because you can encourage each other along the way.

I hope you are inspired to go for the your very first run! I am looking forward to my next and I am glad that I have stepped out of my comfort zone to do something that I wouldn't usually do.

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