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I have been reading news of retail outlets shutting down due to rental issue especially in the less populated malls. Why is this happening? Is the trend shifting? What happen to the "personal touch" that we used to experience when we shop in malls?

Consumers seem to prefer to make their purchase online rather than offline (in a brick and mortar shop). What are the benefits of online shopping? Why are consumers switching to shop online now? Here I share with you 10 good reasons why you should be shopping online.

1☕ Save your moolahs with Zalora Singapore Promo Codes
If you have been shopping online, you would be familiar with promotional codes. These websites give you a huge listing of promotional codes for you to utilize (up to 88% off) when you shop with fashion websites such as Zalora. No hazzle of digging discount membership cards or losing coupons. Everyday can be a GSS (Great Singapore Sale) Day, if you know where to look for the best bargains and discounts.

2☕ Make immediate purchase, anytime of the day

If you suddenly felt like going for a holiday in the middle of a pillow talk with your partner, there's good news for you. You don't have to wait till the travel agency open tomorrow, just switch on your computer and go ahead with the booking. You can even save on last minute deals with Expedia.

3☕ Shop in your pajamas
We know that some ladies take forever to put on their make-up and select the perfect dress before they head out. No more such worries now. Just go ahead and shop in your pajamas because no one will be looking at you, but yourself.

4☕ Compare prices easily
Instead of having to go to several stores, shopping online also allows you to hop over to multiple online sites for comparison of prices. You don't have to go to several places just to check out the price difference of that single Lancome Lipstick in shade number #501.

5☕ Free Shipping & Delivery
Most websites offer free shipping and delivery with a minimum purchase. Why carry so many things by yourself when they can bring it to you, right to your door step.

6☕ Save on transport

Traveling out means spending more money, shopping for unnecessary things and the one thing which you can never save on is on transport. With online shopping, you can now save your last penny and spend it on your favourite dress rather than on transportation.

7☕ Skip the queue

Who likes queuing? With online shopping, you don't have to queue up to get your favourite dress. Just go to the website, add to cart and make your payment. Spend your time on more important things rather than queuing up. Shop at the comfort of your own cozy home.

8☕ Secured and multiple forms of payment
Online payment now seems like a much safer option with secured payment gateway. You get to make your payment by internet bank transfers, credit card, debit card and even with your pay pal account. You don't have to carry too much money with you nor carry multiple credit cards for different promotions.

9☕ Read reviews before you make an online purchase
Many online websites allows you to read a past user's review before making a decision to purchase a product. Join them as a member and you will even get to leave a review. Return to the site as a member to earn some points to offset your next purchase.

10☕Discreet Purchase

Going to buy some kinky stuff, that sexy lingerie or nightgown for your wife? No more embarrassing moment struggling with the retail assistant unless you get her size wrong.

Are you convinced that you should be shopping online now?

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Be You.

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