Event Review: Queen Elizabeth II Cup 2016


How does being a one day socialite feel like? I get to experience it when I attended the Queen Elizabeth 2 cup last weekend at the Singapore Turf Club.

The weather was amazing and the lush greenery makes my mood so uplifted. The Queen Elizabeth II Cup was inaugurated to mark the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the Singapore Racecourse at Bukit Timah in 1972. In 2006, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited the Singapore Racecourse again, this time at Kranji, to witness the running of the Queen Elizabeth II Cup.

The Star race of the day was none other than the Queen Elizabeth 2 Cup which has the highest winning prize money of $500,000. That's a huge amount of money for the winning horse's owner. The winning horse's Jockey usually gets a small percentage of the winning.

Image Credits: Singapore Turf Club

Fringe activities took place in the Marquee Singapore Racecourse, during race intervals to entertain the guest in the Marquee room, such as the Shopping at Tiffany's Fashion show, modeled by the Miss Singapore Universe 2016 finalists, whom made their first appearance at this event.

Image Credits: Singapore Turf Club

Guest also had the opportunity to partake in the Best Hats on Tracks contest.

Image Credits: Singapore Turf Club

There were also some song singing by a duo, followed by the beer drinking competition. Would you like to make a guess on who won? It is the gentlemen with a white shirt and tie on the left of the photograph. He gulped down all 3 glasses of beer faster than I would drink my water.

There was a buffet spread for us to fill our tummy in between the races.

It was very exciting to be watching the horses race live in front of you, though still quite a distance away.

As the next race has a shorter distance, they moved the "horse cages" nearer to us.

I'm not letting go the chance of taking a nice photograph before the race commences.

Photo Credits to : Tracy & Rose

Photograph with Rose and Tracy whom were with me for the event. We were coincidentally in the black and white theme. This always happen to me and Tracy, as if they were the only colours we have in our wardrobes.

Photo Credits to : Tracy

Photograph with Tracy. We looked really good in this photograph don't we?

We then moved on to another area where we could watch the horses warm up.

We were very privileged to be able to go behind the scene and witness the horses going their rounds. This is also the time when they would be judged on who had the best groomed horse. 

Image Credits: Singapore Turf Club

Racing off to the Queen Elizabeth II Cup 2016....

Time to crown the winner! We were seated quite a distance away, so pardon the small image.

Image Credits: Singapore Turf Club

Image Credits: Singapore Turf Club

The winner goes to Horse number 9! Laughing Gravy! Such an interesting name. His owner wins the prize money as the winning horse for Queen Elizabeth II Cup. The horse was full of energy and has the most angst amongst the rest when making his rounds!

Photo Credits: Amanda

Photo Credits: Amanda

Lastly, a fun photograph of the group who were there for the evening with Jessie. Till we meet again!

I enjoyed the fun filled day with great company and an amazing experience watching the horse race. This is my first time and I hope I'll get to experience it again. Thanks for the lovely invite and hardwork for those who worked hard to make this experience possible for the group of us.

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Thank You HP, Jessie and Singapore Turf Club for the event invitation to the Queen Elizabeth II cup 2016 invitation.

Disclaimer:  Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review.

Be You.

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