Product Launch: Regilait Milk Powder sets its foot in Singapore


Régilait, is a lauded and beloved purveyor of high-quality instant granulated milk powder, which had finally made its way to Sunny Island Singapore. We are impressed as it has attained both the Healthier Choice & Halal Certifications. The French milk is suitable for children from 3 years onward, adults and even diabetics.

Régilait controls the entire chain of milk production, offering full trace-ability. The powder originates from French Dairy Farms and are made from 100% real, pure french Cow's milk. This means that there is no fillers, no maltodextrins and rich in proteins.

Thanks to its unique granulation process, the powder can be easily dissolved in cold water. Feel free to mix them into your tea, coffee and hot chocolate in replacement of your usual creamer as this milk does not contain sugar.

Do you know that Régilait means diet milk, that explains why their range of milk powder are either low or non-fat. These are perfect for ladies who are constantly thinking of ways to slim down. We were happy to be learning more about the Milk from various speakers at the event.

Régilait is currently available in 4 different flavors;

REGILAIT CALORIE REDUCED is your partner for slimming.
-Fat-free and allows controlled calorie intake to help you maintain your weight. 

-For diabetics or consumers with high cholesterol, this milk helps to restore a balanced diet. 
-One glass of Regilait Calorie Reduced contains only 89kcal, so you don't have to constantly worry about your calorie count.

 REGILAIT CALCIUM PLUS is your partner for strong bones.
-This milk imbues drinkers with the benefits of calcium and vitamin D. 

-It contains an optimal composition of calcium, proteins, vitamin D and phosphorus, calcium is easily
absorbed and becomes well fixed in the bone when consumed. 

-Drink two glasses of the fat-free REGILAIT CALCIUM PLUS and you will meet your daily calcium needs.

Women requires more calcium as they are lost during our monthly menstruation and gets harder to be absorbed after we cross the 30 year old mark. 

REGILAIT MULTI-VITAMINS is your partner for vitality.
-Get the boost you need with the fat-free REGILAIT MULTI-VITAMINS. 

-It contains eight vitamins: A, D3, C, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12.

Vitamin A can help you achieve good vision, a healthy immune system and spur cell growth. 

Vitamin B can help to keep your body up and running.
Vitamin C helps to grow and repair tissues in all parts of your body. Vitamin D3 improves overall bone health. 

If you feed lethargic all day long and wish to boost your vitality, this is for you.

REGILAIT LOW FAT is your partner for a balanced diet.
-A tasty semi-skimmed cows’ milk produced on the best French pastureland.
-It contains 14% more calcium and 25% less saturated fat than a regular dried milk.
-The manufacturing process preserves all of the nutritional qualities of the milk (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, protein, vitamins B1, B2, B9 and B12).
Vitamin B1 and B2 enable the body to use nutrients, vitamin B9 is necessary for normal cell division and replication, vitamin B12 is involved in the formation of red blood cells.
-It has a fine creamy taste enjoyed by the whole family.

Régilait partners with Dancing Chef for some interesting cooking sharing. No more guilt when having your curry as the coconut milk is now substituted by the use of Milk powder(you have to mix them in water before your place them in the curry). You can marinate with either of the paste and cook with the other one along with your favourite curry spices.

Are you a fan of the Chocolate shake? Mix Cafe Direct with Régilait Milk Powder and shake them up! Add some ice-cubes to chill the shake. You can opt to have some added ice-cream or honey for a better and richer taste.

You can pre mix the Régilait Milk Powder and place them in the freezer in preparation of your milk shake. Blend them with frozen strawberries for a strawberry shake! What's interesting is that your milk would not curdle in the freezer as they do not contain any fats.

Simply substitute the frozen strawberries with frozen bananas and make a banana shake out of them!

Don't be a victim of osteoporosis! Hop on the healthy band wagon and start drinking milk today. We need the calcium for stronger bones so that we won't be so "fragile".

Régilait milk powder is selling at $22 at selected NTUC FairPrice Finest and Cold Storage:

FairPrice Finest Bukit Timah Plaza
FairPrice Finest Marine Parade
FairPrice Finest Thomson Plaza
FairPrice Finest Clementi Mall
FairPrice Finest Junction 8
FairPrice Finest Zhongshan Park
FairPrice Finest Bedok Mall
FairPrice Finest Seletar Mall
FairPrice Finest Waterway Point


Cold Storage Novena
Cold Storage United Square
Cold Storage Takashimaya
Cold Storage Plaza Singapura
Cold Storage Great World City
Cold Storage Bugis Junction
Cold Storage Kallang Leisure Park
Cold Storage One KM
Cold Storage West Mall
Cold Storage Causeway Point
Cold Storage North Point
Cold Storage Hougang
Cold Storage Serangoon NEX
Cold Storage Jelita
Cold Storage West Coast
Cold Storage Star Vista
Cold Storage Sime Darby
Cold Storage Parkway Parade

I have tested them myself by mixing in cold water and they worked well!

Look at the unique granulation! I love the taste of the Régilait Calcium Plus Milk! They tasted so delicious that I've been drinking them for days already.

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Be You.

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