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Don't be little these small dainty purple flowers, they give you more benefits than you think you already know. Other than helping you in achieving a good night's rest, they can boost your immune system and decrease your blood pressure. Pass your mum some, the next time she comes screaming at you.

They are very effective in helping you relax yourself that is why Lavender essential oils are always expensive and highly sought after. Maybe you can enjoy a good Lavender tea and have a lavender essential oil massage thereafter.

The Lavender Flower Tea is consumed to:
Decrease blood pressure

Stabilize digestive system
Relief headache, improve sleeping quality
Minimize chance of getting flu, cough and sore throat
Relief menstrual pain and relax tension

*Best consumed if under stress and lack of sleep *


Drinking Time:
- Take it anytime, throughout the day as a refreshing drink


✿ If you open up the sachet, you can see these dried, cute, dainty and beautifully scented sweet Lavender flowers. 

Brewing and serving instructions:
✿ Each sachet can be brewed up to 3 times using hot water (based on a 300ml infusion rate).
✿ Infuse the tea and do a quick rinse off and pour it away, before infusing it for the second time and letting it sit before consumption. Do not soak it for too long during the wash, as the taste of the tea gets milder with every infusion.
✿Seep tea for 3-5 minutes and increase the seeping time with every brew for stronger taste.
✿You can infuse the tea with the tea bag or opened it up on a tea strainer.
✿You could add honey or rock sugar for this tea to have a sweeter taste.

✿You can take this drink chilled if you prefer a sweeter taste.


✿The Lavender Flower tea gives off a hue of yellow after infusing. It surprisingly never let out the purple colour like its flower.

✿Very Light and slightly sweet taste with a strong floral scent.

Recommendations for mixing:

✿ Can be combined with Chamomile Tea, 2g each which will form the relaxation series.
✿ The relaxation series is also available for sale in a box of 10 sachets at $26.90. If you are interested.

✿Keep the tea in a cool and dry place.

Where to purchase:

✿$11.90 for 50g , look out for on-going promotions.

For more details and product information, do check out:
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Hi-Tea Website

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