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How often do you clean your make up tools?

Bacteria and germ thrives on these tools and are transferred to your face when you use them. These tools can also contaminate your make up if you do not use them appropriately. What this means is that you potentially "spoil" your make up or end up having an itchy, sensitive or pimply face.

I would therefore recommend you to clean them at least once every two weeks or at the least monthly. It would be best if you could clean them weekly, but the actual fact is we are either too lazy or too busy to do that.

How do you usually clean your make up tools? The most common way to do it would be to make use of a hair shampoo, perhaps a common brand like Johnson and Johnson that is gentle. I have heard of people using body shampoo or face wash to do it, but I personally prefer using make up removers.

I particularly like the idea of using an oil-based make up remover, as I feel that they remove make-up on sponges the best and I would use the water-based make up removers on my brushes as they are generally gone after a few good soak and swirls.

Until.... I found this which was raved highly by beauty bloggers and I told myself I have to try it. What is there for me to lose when its just $2?

Introducing to you the Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge, which is priced at $2 for 80ml. The remover feels somewhat oily when i dripped them on my make up sponge.

The instructions says that you can 1.apply them on your dry sponges and 2.hand wash the sponge on running water. That's exactly how I am going to clean my sponges.

These are the water squeezed out from my sponges after several washes. I focus the detergent on the parts where I felt were not clean enough. After 2-3 washes you can see that my beige coloured sponge starts to turn white and my blue Laneige BB Sponge starts to reveal its true blue colour.

This is a product that works after several washes so you have to be patient. It is easier to remove dirt from a powder sponge rather than a foundation sponge as you would require more washes. Concentrate the detergent and drip them on areas which have dirt. Give those areas a good squish and gently rub them as you place them in running tap water.

Overall, I like this product and I feel that for $2, it is worth its price, although it takes up to almost 5 washes to remove the dirt fully but the results looks amazing.

So... what about my make up brushes then? I am trying out the Daiso Make up Brush Cleaner, $2 for 150ml.

Unlike the Sponge detergent,  the Make up Brush Cleaner feels somewhat like diluted alcohol.

Time to put the Make up Brush Cleaner to the test.

The instructions says that you can 1.Pour out some of this brush cleaner onto a cup. and 2.Soak the brushes in the cup and then place them in running water.  For this, I swirl my brushes in the cup as I pour in the brush cleaner. I recommend you not to dilute the cleaner at this point of time as you would be very tempted to, unless you are worried that the product maybe too harsh for your brushes.

I used my collapsible silicon cup to help me with this but you can get any other cups or vessels to assist you with the soaking. You can find this cup in Daiso too.

Look at the dirty water from soaking and washing my brushes! Eew....

Run the brushes under the water and gently dry the brushes with the kitchen towel and let them dry naturally.

The final results? My brushes were squeaky clean and this works very well for me with minimal effort. I used only about 20 drops or so for the soaking and cleaning of all these brushes so I feel that its quite worth.

Do feel free to try them for yourself! :)

Oh... if all else fails or if you are just too lazy to wash your sponge, or simply have extremely sensitive skin, then there is something else I would like to recommend to you.

The Disposable Powder Puff! There used to be a beige colored version of this sponge but it doesn't seem to be around anymore. The next best alternative that I could get was this. $2 for 13 pieces! I don't usually throw it away after 1 use. I use it a few times and when it gets too dirty, I will trash it away, opps. They are washable too if you would like to re-use them, but they get flimsy after they get washed so I would only wash them once.

These products goes out of stock very soon, so I wouldn't be surprised if it goes Out of Stock. Do get them once you see them back on the shelves again!

How do you wash your make up tools? Leave a comment below and share with me.

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