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Thanks to The Entertainer App and Napoleon Food and Wine Bar, I had the privilege to be invited for a sumptuous and delicious food tasting session.

Napoleon Food and Wine Bar, serve 32 Wines by the Glass and Affordable Grands Crus Selections (from $18 per glass). It was started by Jean Christophe Cadoret, more lovingly known as JC. Their main menu consist of modern European dishes, produced by Singaporean chef James Lin.

Napoleon Food and Wine Bar is the only wine bar that offers the concept of high-end French menu with Asian aesthetics culinary and cultural experience to passionate guest who can savor 32 exclusive French Wines which includes Grands Crus Classès by the glass, half glass and tasting portion.

Be intimidated by the aura of wines and transform your every wine encounter into a simple and fun experience through their selection of 32 European wines, available on these enomatic wine dispenser machine.

These wines are available by tasting portions from half to full glasses. Prices starts from $10 per glass, and wines are thoughtfully classified into various easy to understand categories such as for the REDs - Smooth, Fruity, Deep, or Spicy. For the WHITEs - Dry, Rich, Fruity or sweet.

Digging into the sumptuous spread which were prepared for us.

Homemade Foie Gras Terrine $22,
Foie Gras with figs served with fruit chutney, Monbazillac and Baslsamic Reduction. These triangular pieces of Foie Gras tasted delicious with no too strong a liver taste nor smell. The figs on the Foie Gras was a nice complement to the otherwise plain or ordinary Foie Gras, and the raisins at the side gives it an additional fruity flavor. Sprinkle a little salt over your piece of the Foie Gras and you'll be amazed how the whole dish comes to life, packed with that slight saltiness.

Hand-Cut Angus Beef Tartare $30, with egg yolk, capers and crispy truffle potatoes with parmesan. The truffle potatoes were a hit with myself and Tracy and was quickly wiped out, though we didn't quite enjoy the Beef Tartare due to its cold and rawness. The acquired taste isn't something that everyone would be used to, especially if you are not particularly fond of raw beef. Having said that, the rest of the guest were enjoying themselves very much with this dish. It was an eye opener for me though.

Roasted Angus Beef Tenderloin $32
, served with gratin dauphinois, mushroom duxelle, tomato compote and red wine sauce. This dish is like one meat two eats, so there's 2 versions of them. This side of the plate has a medium rare, Angus Beef Tenderloin with gratin dauphinois which has a slightly milder taste. The Beef Tenderloin was very well cooked, not too chewy and raw nor grainy that its tough to cut.

While the other side was topped with caramelized onions, mushrooms, tomato compote and red wine sauce. I highly prefer this version as the taste really reaches out to me with all the vegetable goodness and gravy overflowing the beef tenderloin underneath.

Shrimps Truffle Capellini $21, these are thin pastas with confit shrimps, salted seaweed and truffle oil. This dish serves as a good main for those who prefers a heavier and filling dish. The truffle oil enhanced the taste of the pasta making it worthy of its price.

Creamy Lobster Risotto $36, the risotto dish had acquarello rice and small chunks of asparagus in them but the Lobster was cooked soft and perfectly that I wouldn't mind to have it on its own. The risotto is however a little too heavy to finish by your own, so I would recommend you to share this dish with someone.

Duo of Chocolate - $12, Chocolate Ganache and Mi-cuit Canele with Salted Caramel, Artisan Vanilla Gelato and Coffee Crumble made itself a hit for the night amongst the invited guest and ended the food tasting with a high note. Those bits of popping candy that cracks in the mouth was a unique addition to the already rich Coffee Crumble. The Chocolate Ganache erupts as we dig out forks into it. They tasted so delicious and sweet while the vanilla Gelato was a nice compliment to the sweetness.


Dining at such a posh Wine Bar can be rather costly if you do not earn much but there are always ways in which you can save some moo-lahs. How would you like it if there is an app that allows you to indulge in good food, and at the same time save you some money?

I came to know about the Entertainer App because of this Food tasting. Not only does it helps you save when you spend on food, you get to save on beauty services, attractions and leisure, retail services as well as world wide hotels.

You can select the various categories and even different countries, to look at the on-going or monthly promotions that are happening.

Since we were at Napoleon Food and Wine Bar, I may as well take the opportunity to check them out at the app. They provide me with information such as the address of the location, maps, details, and even reviews from customers.

Look, there's an on-going promotion for diners at Napolepon Food and Wine Bar. Buy a main and enjoy a complimentary Main Menu. Save up to USD $17. This is quite a decent deal to redeem!

The Entertainer App is available at $85 and valid for use till the end of the year.
You can check out their website here for more information or simply click here, to download a copy of it.

Thank you The Entertainer App and Napoleon Food & Wine Bar for having me.

For more details and information, do check out:

Napoleon Food and Wine Bar

206 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068641

Tel: 6221 9282

Weekdays 11.30am - midnight
Saturday 6pm - midnight

Mon - Fri 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5pm -10.45pm
Saturday 6pm - 10.45pm

Closed on Sunday (reserved for events and wine appreciation classes)

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