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It is the time for my monthly facial pampering session again. This time I am checking into a beauty salon located in the neighborhood of Waterloo Street.

Beauty Hope believes that their customers are worth every value that they entrust to them. They inspire ultimate beauty to manifest from within their soul. Beauty Hope empower their minds with the confidence to live life to the fullest. And they ensure that their customer's body stays in the peak of health.

Their customers’ aspirations are their values and here at Beauty Hope, they will guarantee to give their utmost to help all of their customers achieve beautiful skin. This has been possible through their diverse beauty treatments and our team of enthusiastic therapists that they can provide true value to their customers for their greatest confidence and hope.

I was invited to take a group photograph with my beauty specialist, beauty consultant and PR.

Professional Facial Consultant hearing me out on my face concerns after I filled up a questionnaire, which allows her  to understand more about my skin concerns and daily habits.

I was ushered into a small and cozy facial room that could fit myself, the beautician, and hardly anything else. I could also hear clearly the conversations that my neighbors were having throughout my face treatment.

My beautician performed a double cleanse on my face and removed all visible traces of make-up. She was very sweet to check if I wanted to remove my lip-stick and even complimented on my smooth skin. *Blush*

After make-up removal, she proceeded to apply some serum (soft-peel) onto my face which allows cleansing of pores and removal of impurities and dead skin to take place. This step is very unique as I get to see obvious white heads popping out from my skin, especially at my nose areas. It was simply disgusting!

My beauty consultant then walked back to check on the process and ensured that my face was adapting well to the facial products used. She then recommended my beautician to do a PTD Magic Treatment on me, with special instructions to avoid my skin eczema area. 

PTD Magic Treatment 60mins

It is a newly launched Treatment originated from Japan - This is a low energy UV light therapy treatment that reduces fine lines and sebum production. Your skin will look brighter and youthful as the light energy stimulates cellular renewal, increase fibroblasts which helps to increase production of collagen. Thanks to the advance cutting edge technology from Japan which has three different Light Therapy, red, blue and purple.

D-Sonic Treatment or Skin Scrubber , was added to my PTD Magic Treatment. The vibration helps lessen up impurities inside the pores. Remove impurities from the pores and superficial dead skin cells. It has deep cleansing effects to prepare my skin for further treatments.

A gentle massage was done on only my face, I wish that it could be extended to my neck area and back, before the Bio Treatment took place. Bio Treatment triggers electricity for cellular renewal. it is needed to enhance my skin's ability for better absorption of products and increasing penetration of products into deeper layer of skin.

The treatment was followed by an LED Treatment where low energy UV free light therapy: Blue Light: Calming, astringent properties and rescue sebum production was used on me. (I couldn't take a photo of that as my face was "caged" and I was told not to move during this procedure.

Finally, a premium calming and soothing mask was applied on my face before I was left to rest and relax. The beautician then proceeded to cleanse, tone, moisturize and apply sunscreen on my face before i was let out to charm the world with my revitalized skin.

I can't wait to show you the immediate results after my facial. There I am glowing with glee! See how glow and bright my face became after the facial? I attended another evening event without re-applying any foundation because my face feels so good after the facial.

Review of BeautyHope PTD Magic Treament

♛ Room was small but cozy
♛ Beautician and beauty consultant was polite and professional
♛ Pimple Extraction was painless and smooth, there was no redness at all after the face treatment
♛ Facial massage was relaxing but did not include neck areas

Overall, I still enjoyed my facial treatment at Beauty Hope.

Readers of Pearlywerkz rejoice!

Quote "Pearly" and enjoy this state-of-art beauty treatment at only $68 (Usual Price $380).
* T&C Apply

For your information,
BeautyHope is located at :

Beauty Hope @ Relaxing
Blk 261 Waterloo Street #02-42
Singapore 180261
Tel: +65 6883 2293 | Hp: +65 8168 5199

Nearest MRT station: Bras Basah
10 minutes walk from the MRT

Beauty Hope @ Relaxing
Blk 709 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-2605
Singapore 560709
Tel: +65 6458 2293 | Hp: +65 8228 2293

Facebook: BeautyHope Facebook
Instagram: BeautyHope Instagram
Website: BeautyHope Website

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Disclaimer: Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review. I was invited for the PTD Magic Treatment by BeautyHope SG.

Be You.

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