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To the loving husband who always had to wait for their wife to get their facial done, has it ever occurred to you that you too, can join your wife for a face pampering session and enjoy this time bonding together. Get some pampering "WE" time instead of waiting around or hanging around aimlessly. You deserve some credit for carrying her shopping bags too.

I am back at Bellezza after having experienced their impeccable service and pampering facial the previous round. This time, i brought along my husband with me since he had never experienced a facial before, and I had spotted quite a few acne on his face recently. He would be sharing his experience as a first-timer.

There are 3 things you should know about Bellezza, these are also the reason why I choose this place for my husband instead of elsewhere.

#1 Bellezza Aesthetics is known for their custom-blended face treatments.
They believe that every skin is different and that there is no one treatment that suits every individual.

#2 Bellezza Aesthetics is known for their detailed high tech skin analysis scan.
Every Bellezza Aesthetics esthetician is trained to provide an accurate diagnostic of the customer. This is done through our state-of-the art skin analysis scan that can determine your skin age and problem areas.

#3 They are known for our Face-Lift and Destress massage techniques.
Bellezza Aesthetics is unique and innovative in our own way with the re-invention of the traditional massage techniques. This exclusive set of Face-Lift and Destress massage technique is used in all our facial treatments procedures so every of our customer can reap its benefits.

As with all first timers, he had to fill up his particulars, medical history and facial concerns. As I am by now a repeated customer, I was spared from the process.

One thing that we loved being at Bellezza Aesthetics is their pre and post facial service, where simple things like biscuits and a warm cup of flower tea made us feel very at home. Did i also mentioned to you that they called me a day before my appointment to remind me that I had a facial?

This time round, I was recommended the Young Freeze, Cryopro Facial , by the skin aesthetic before we were ushered into our couple room. I only realized half way through my husband's treatment that he was also doing the same treatment as me, as the machines and techniques used were the same.

We loved how big and cozy this room was and that we were serviced by two separate skin aesthetic . As I have come across some places where they would have conveniently placed one skin aesthetic to serve two or more customers in this similar kind of scenario.

The service was also nicely timed so we did not have to wait around for each other, we started and ended at the same time.

Here's a photograph of me after my make-up was removed and face was cleansed. I am all ready to enjoy my facial and welcome my cleansed and lifted skin.

My pampering facial steps:

Bellezza Aesthetics Facial Procedure:
♛ Removal of make-up
♛ Cleansing of face
♛ Facial Massage with lavender oil
Special attention was given to my eyes because they looked too tired
♛ Eyebrow Trimming
♛ Softener was applied on the face before pimple extraction
♛ Pimple Extraction
♛ Young Freeze, Cryopro Facial, making use of a machine to lift up my "saggy skin" with special attention taken on my laugh lines and cheek areas. Attention was also given to drier parts of my face such as the red eczema spots.
♛ Facial Mask & short back massage

On top of that, I was also pampered with a Silky Collagen Hand Treatment, $88 which I had tried the previous round. I was glad that over here at Bellezza, I get to pamper not only my face but my hands at the same time. This is something additional that you don't usually get on a facial session.

I managed to snap a photograph of the skin aesthetic performing a pimple extraction on my husband. He mentioned that there was little pain during the process. He felt a little uncomfortable to have someone touching his face but he felt more at ease as the facial continues.

Relaxing while waiting for the skin aesthetic to apply the facial mask on his face.

This the machine which was used to perform the Young Freeze, Cryopro Facial.  It felt as if my face was being squeezed hard especially at the cheeks and chin areas so that they were made to appear less saggy and look more firmed up. My skin aesthetic did half of my face and showed me the difference, focusing on my laugh lines and skin redness, before she continued with the other half of my face.

My skin aesthetic applied the final touches of skin care products on my face before the facial session ended with a short back massage.

That's me with absolutely ZERO make-up looking refreshed and bright after a good pampering facial.

Review of Bellezza Aesthetics, Young Freeze Facial (90 mins) $268
♛ Pre and Post facial service made us felt very at home
♛ The use of the machine was a little uncomfortable as our face felt squeezed and tight but the effects made the process all worth it
♛ Facial extraction was bearable and did not leave any red marks
♛ As my husband was a first timer, he did not know what to expect (skin aesthetic could explain more about the steps that she was going to do, how it will help the skin and check if client was doing OK)
♛ Overall the couple room was big, spacious and comfortable. Great for mother and daughters or couples to have some pampering time together.
♛ Luxurious ambience and comfortable environment
♛ No hard selling and no hurrying of service

Now I don't have to try explaining why I love going for facials so much, as he got to experience it for himself how pampering and relaxing it felt to have someone "cleaning up" my face and massaging my face. I enjoy the good results of not having to worry about my face for the next few weeks and looking bright and glowing all day.

Bellezza Aesthetics is located at:
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Singapore 238880

Tel: 6223 2533


Business Hours
Weekday: 11am - 10pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 10am - 7pm


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Disclaimer: Review is honest and based on our personal experience. No monetary reward is received for the review. We were invited by Bellezza Aesthetics.

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