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Friday seems to have became Fri-yays, because of the opportunity to try out new food in new places. I am a food explorer, I like to try out new dishes and order something different each time I dine at a restaurant.

This round, I had the opportunity to visit Barashi-Tei, where I get to sample an array of traditional Japanese dishes specially prepared by its owner, Mr Wang Zhenfeng who came all the way from China.

Most of the ingredients from his dishes were freshly imported from Japan. He had also spend most of his time learning from his master from Japan.

Let's take a look around the restaurant which has a relaxing ambience with Japanese and wooden textures.

We loved how cozy this place looks with its decor, and how homely this place made us feel.

Some of us ordered the Yuzu drink $3.80, which was made by the owner himself. The Yuzu drink is not overly sweet and act as a good thirst quencher. Both hot and cold versions are available.

Bara Chirashi $13.80 has small chunks of Salmon, tuna, cucumber and tamago in it. It's a bowl of salad with fresh pieces of different variety of raw fish.

Avocado Salmon Salad $13.80 has slices of slightly torched salmon slices with tomatoes, avocado, fish roe and lettuce. The torched salon slices were nicely done with the fish roe giving an interesting burst of fresh flavor when being bitten into.

Sashimi Salad $13.80 has chunks of different raw fish varieties together with lettuce, tomato, and other leafy vegetable.

Chirashi Don $16.80 has slices of different raw fish varieties such as the salmon, tuna, together with tamago served on rice. It makes a good meal by itself. You can pair it with a cup of Genmaicha $1.20.

Sake Jyu $16.80 offers you an option to have just slices of fresh Salmon slices and fresh fish roe if you like only a particular type of fresh fish...

or the Maguro Nakaochi Don $16.80 which offers you an alternative for non salmon fans...

For the tamago lovers, do not miss out on the sweet and thick slices of Yaki Tamago $5

Smoked Duck Kushi $2.60 was one of the favourites for duck lovers that surrounded the dinning table.. all the skewers was gone before I managed to snap a photo of them..

Spicy Salmon Maki $12.80 was one of my favourite dish because the salmon pieces were slightly torched with the maki done at the right sizing.. one bite and everything crispy, soft and sweet comes flowing down your throat together.

Wasabi Ebi $7.80
and Kuruma Ebi $7.80 it depends if you are a wasabi or a garlic lover. I prefer the Kuruma Ebi because of the strong garlic crisp that came with the Ebi.

Rice Paper Ebi Maki $10.80
must be inspired by the Vietnamese people. This dish is quite crunchy and nice, so opt for this if you would like something with less carbs.

Ika Teriyaki $13.80
is another hot favourite among the table, especially true to Tracy, who loves anything calamari or squid, just like me.. haha.

Sirloin Steak Foie Gras $19.80 has a fancy name, succulent beef slices but nothing too fanciful in its taste.

Gindara Nabe $24
had pieces of mackerel meat, cooked with assorted mushrooms and in a nice claypot of hot soup. This is a good pot of comfort food suitable for sharing.

Pudding of the day $3.80
We had the orange pudding which was refreshing, thick, not too sweet but nice. This ends our food tasting with a sweet note.

Thanks for having us!

For more details and product information, do check out:
Facebook: Barashi-TeiInstagram: Barashi-Tei

Barashi-Tei is located at:
266 Middle Rd, Singapore 188991

10-15 minutes walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station

6837 0506

Opening hours:
11am- 3pm, 6pm - 4am (All days)

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Disclaimer: We were invited for a food tasting session by Barashi-Tei & Christina/PR. Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review.

Be You.

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