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Some of my favourite things to do after a hard day of work is to enjoy  me time doing beauty treatments, such as spa, massage, facial, a good hair treatment, or a simple beauty treatment like manicure and pedicure. These things may not be a great deal to you, but for me these are necessary intrinsic rewards for me to keep my journey ahead going strong.
This year, I promise myself a monthly facial or pamper me treatment, so just in time for the Chinese New Year season, I was offered such an opportunity. I was invited to try out the Facial at Lynn Aesthetic.

Lynn Aesthetic is located in the heartlands of Kovan. A place where I always frequent to have my hawker fares. It is about 5 minutes walk from the Kovan MRT Station.

About Lynn Aesthetics:

Lynn Aesthetics provides beauty aesthetic services such as facials, body massages, slimming procedures, IPLs and Waxing services. They have been in the business for about 31 years and have a total of 9 "themed" rooms within the Aesthetic salon. 4 downstairs, 5 upstairs.
Read on to find out my 3 wow reasons why I think you too, should visit Lynn Aesthetic for your monthly pamper me time.


(1) Lynn Aesthetics gives you heart-warming touches, down to every small detail.

I was offered a cup of ginger tea while waiting for my beauty therapist, Kate to attend to me. Look at the frangipani flower which they placed beside the tea along with some sweets. I thought it was normal to serve tea, but to have a frangipani as a decoration beside it, this wowed me.  It may be a very small thing, but for someone to add the additional touches, it makes me feel welcomed.



As it is the Chinese New Year period, you can see the salon being decorated beautifully, ready to welcome their guest.


I was asked to fill up a facial consultation card so that they can keep my records and at the same time, take note of my facial concerns.


VIP - Butterfly Room

I love how they decorated little hidden areas to make the whole place look so homely and cozy.

(2) Facial rooms are proper rooms and beautifully decorated in different themes.
I was then ushered upstairs to their room to have my facial done. According to Kate, every room is decorated differently based on their "theme" and each therapist takes care of their own room. I was however, offered the VIP (Butterfly room) which was used by their boss. I feel so honored to be using her beautiful room.

Fairytale/ Field of flowers themed room

This is Kate's room. The set up is for a customer who will be doing a slimming treatment.


Seaside themed room

(3) Attentive and professional therapist serves you.
Even though Kate was very chatty with me and I was distracting her most of the time with my conversation, she was very professional and did not forget to explain to me each of the steps that was being done on my face. I do not get sudden surprises from her.

Next, let us move on to the treatment that she had done for me. Kate had planned for a Detox Facial for the Young and Trendy Facial ($180), customized for me and taking note of my sensitive areas.

These are the steps of the facial in summary:

1) Cleanse - For removal of make-up on me and cleaning off the dirt on my face.
2) Tone - To prepare my skin for the next stops and acting as a double cleanse.
3) Gommage peel - To remove dead skin and bring back the skin to a clean slate.
4) Skin Scrubbing (machine) -  suction - To suck out the dirt that were underneath my pores, pimple extraction was also done before the skin scrubbing machine. The pimple extraction was more painful at the nose areas for me as they were quite dry. I have this same problem every time.
5) Eyebrow Trimming - Kate trimmed my eyebrows and tidied the loose hairs around it.
This photograph was taken mid-way during facial. You can see some redness around my cheeks, chin and nose area after the pimple extraction process but at the same time my face was glowing.
6) Oxygenating Serum/ Detox Gel/ Collagen Whitening Serum/ Hydrating Gel/ Slimlook Gel (customize by skin) - For this, I was given the whitening serum for my pigmentation.
7) Lip, Eye care - Products for the lip and eyes were applied on my face during my facial massage.
8) Oxygenating Night Cream, face, shoulder head massage - I did my facial during the day, so there were no night cream being applied. Essential oil was used instead. I was given a very relaxing face and shoulder massage.
9) Co2 Cream Mask - I was given a mask that was suitable for my sensitive skin.
10) Hand Massage - Kate massaged my hands and loosen my tight muscles. It felt good although i wish she could exert slightly more force.
11) Foot Massage - I was quite surprised that the facial here consist of a foot massage as well. The bed also had gentle vibrations during my masking time so it felt a little more relaxing than the normal beds.
12) Toning – cream – sunblock - Lastly, sunblock was applied on my skin so that I can proceed to my next destination.
Kate was quite worried for me after my facial as I told her I had to attend another event that night. There was redness after the facial, so I had to rely on concealers to cover them up and I was a little uncomfortable.


After my facial, I was offered some grapes along with a cup of fruit tea.

Overall, I would recommend this place for anyone who would like to experience a facial in the Kovan neighborhood area. There are on-going promotions, so do check with them before you head down.

Wonder how is my face doing now? Take a look at the photo comparison and you will see my face glowing! Most of the redness had gone by now. 2 days after the facial, my face was healing very well and I did not need to do much concealing by then.

 Ambience Rating: ★★★★☆ Cozy and well decorated, room was very cozy, spacious and huge with cozy lighting.
Service: ★★★★☆ Very cozy, homely , professional therapist
Facial Effectiveness: ★★★☆☆ Pimple extraction was a little painful, massage can exert more strength and bed vibration a little redundant as not much strength.
Price: ★★★★☆ Average for similar type of facials
Location: ★★★★☆ Very near to MRT station

Blk 211, Hougang St 21, #01-317 Singapore 530211.

6289 8901

Operation Hours :
Mon-Fri : 10am - 9pm
Sat,Sun,PH : 10am -6pm

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