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Hey everyone, I have been seeing so many foodies trying out the recent steaming concept of having their food. By steaming our food, we do not need cooking oil and heavy seasonings. Unlike barbecue food, we also omit the risk of getting cancer due to eating the char from our over-grilling and unlike boiling, we get the flavor and nutrients of the food retained on the food.

Healthy eating is the "IN" thing now, so here I am at Rong Fu Ji Steam pot located at the Grandstand (Turf Club) to try out their steam pot.


Rong Fu Ji Steam pot had a nice and cozy ambience with both internal and external sittings available. It is a quiet weekday because not many will have seafood as lunch.


The base set for 2 persons is priced at $78.


Step 1: Select your porridge base

Before you select the first course, you would be asked to select your porridge base for your last course. We have selected the sweet potato porridge as our base. I would recommend you to choose the light ones as you will be overwhelmed with too much food and different taste from the "essence" of your seafood, fish, meat and vegetables, by the time you reached your finale.




Step 2: Steam the seafood platter, there is no need for selection here, everything is in a standard menu, unless you order additional items.

The first course that we had consisted of mainly seafood like the Lala clams, Scallops,  Flower Crabs and Tiger prawns. Some of the items that was supposed to be be in the seafood platter were not available so we were given extra pieces of "something else".

The prawns were so fresh that they were still moving and alive when they were being placed on the steamer. All the ingredients were fresh, non seasoned and sweet.


Approximately after 4 minutes of cooking, there was a timer at the table, so that the waitress is alerted every time the food is ready.  This process was helped out by a waitress that served us, so we did not need to lift a finger and need not risk getting scaled when the food is placed into the steamer.


Step 3: Select your preferred fish between a pomfret or a sea-bass.

Next up, you can make a selection from either a pomfret or a sea bass. We choose to have the later since we can easily steam a pomfret at home.


Did you notice that the meat was already sliced out and there were practically no bones left? They had also garnished it lightly with ginger strips and carrot. The sea bass is very fresh and there is no fishy taste or smell at all.


Step 4: Select the meat you preferred (you can choose between sliced pork and beef) We have selected the sliced pork in our platter. The vegetables are from the standard set.

The waitress steamed the various vegetables, sweet corn, carrot, enoki mushroom and pork slices together.


Step 5: After all the feasting, all the essence or juices and nutrients from steaming of your food gets flowed down onto your porridge.

The waitress added an egg and stirred in spring onions for us to enjoy our finale dish. This is the only dish where no waiting time is required.



I just had to show you this photograph. We polished off every single course including the finale porridge. I was surprised that we could finish this as well.

Overall, I loved the ambience of the place, it is spacious with both indoor and outdoor sitting. The service of the staff was also good and the staff was polite and prompt in serving us. She was also friendly to answer my doubts and was cheerful all the time when serving us. I also liked that the food is fresh and not seasoned. The only disadvantage for this restaurant is their location and that they do not get a good lunch crowd due to the nature of the food they serve. Otherwise, it is healthy to have my food steamed and I enjoyed every bit of this privately hosted food tasting session.

Thanks for having us.

Rong Fu Ji Seafood Steam Pot :

200 Turf Club Rd, #01-14 The Grandstand, The Grandstand, 287994

6463 3855
Operating hours:
12:00 - 15:00,
17:00 - 22:30

Thank you Rong Fu Ji for this private food tasting invitation. Review is 100% honest and based on my personal experience. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.
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