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The ShoeTree Project is a startup re-inventing the shoe and leather care industry. Leather care products used to be relegated to the high ended physical shops in Orchard Road, resulting in prices that were sky-high and out of reach from prospective customers.

The Shoe Tree Project, hopes that using their online platform, they can bring the same high quality products at mass market prices, and deliver these products right to the doorsteps of their customers. Their goal is to become the dominant industry leader in shoe and leather care e-commerce.

I am happy to be given the opportunity to try out and see for myself how their Varnished Japanese oakwood shoe horn ($16) and Saphir leather conditioner 75ml ($28) worked. As we don't have a leather sofa at home, we experimented the products with my husband's leather shoe, and some of our other leather products.

Do you sometimes have new shoes that are so tight that you struggle to place your feet in? I believe most guys have experienced this issue.

The contoured spatula like structure of the shoe horn can assist you in these situations. Whoever thought of this idea is a genius!

For just $16, this product can last you for a lifetime, save you from having to squat down when wearing tight pants and causing counter tears and wear offs from repeated crushes while trying to get your feet into your shoe.

This 40cm shoe horn is elegant, durable, water and mold resistant. My husband had used it since receiving, and till now, we are happy that it have not give way. Overall, we are satisfied with the quality of the Japanese oak wood shoe horn and it is surely a useful tool to have around our shoe cabinets.

The Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner and Conditioner on the other hand, is a great way to care for your quality leather products and can help them last for a lifetime. The conditioner keeps your leather products moisturized as it contains mink oil, lanolin and beewax.

Let's now put the Saphir Renovateur to the test and see how it works on my husband's leather shoes.

Husband's rather old leather shoe before any cleaner is applied

Husband's rather old leather shoe after Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is applied.

You can see the immediate shine on his shoe, but do bear in mind this is not a shoe shine. It's intention is to condition your leather products to prevent cracks, crease, mould, mildew, salt and prolong it's life. It acts as a layer for waterproofing too.

Husband's rather old leather shoe after Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is absorbed

Give it about 2-3 minutes and you will see the conditioner slowly fading off leaving a matt finish on the shoe. You can still see light traces of the conditioner on his shoe but it gradually fades off.

Leather Wallet before and after conditioning

Look at the dirt left on the cotton

Look at that smooth and matted finish on my wallet! Seems like all the gunk and dirt had been cleaned off and it is conditioned to last a longer time now. Unlike handbags which I owned more than a piece, for wallet I will only have one of those so I would like them to last as long as they can.

While the Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner and Conditioner had some smell to it and feels a little oily when applied onto the products, the oily feeling fades off gradually as it is being absorbed by the leather, leaving a nice matt finish.

Overall we are satisfied with both quality products. Do visit their site at The Shoe Tree Singapore and check out the rest of the products they carry. Start caring for your leather products and shoes at affordable prices today. I believe these makes good presents for your male friends too.

Thank you for The Shoe Tree Project for sending me the above 2 items for review. These products helped us to keep our leather products in tip-top condition and made our life easier. All views expressed are truthful. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.

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