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Once in awhile I like to try something different to my hairstyle. I've gone Bob, re-bonding, straightening, curling and perming them too. If you want to look really different, you can even go to the extend of changing your hair colour. Unfortunately, I am not so adventurous... yet!

Perhaps one day when someone decides to sponsor me a full hair make-over with treatments and what nots, I might do some highlights or dye my hair with a "safe" colour. It is not that I am not game for it, but carrying a fanciful head might restrict me to certain jobs that I can do, if I am not working for myself at that point of time. It's true, people judge us by our appearance all the time. Don't you judge people too?

So I've shortlisted some hair salons to try but ultimately selected Apgujeong Hair Studio based on online reviews, the similar hair styles that had done before on other customers (for the particular service I wanted) as well as the price range and its proximity to home. I've been scouting awhile, and I realised that Apgujeong Hair Studio is always busy even on a weekday afternoon.

Apgujeong Hair Studio currently has 7 outlets:

Apgujeong Hair Studio @ Tampines 1
Apgujeong Hair Studio @ Junction 8
Apgujeong Hair Studio @ Waterway Point
Apgujeong Hair Studio @ Tiong Bahru Plaza
Apgujeong Hair Studio @ VivoCity
Apgujeong Hair Studio @ Great World City
Apgujeong Hair Studio @ JEM (Jurong East)

What is so unique about them is that they have a group of hair stylist, both local and Koreans to service their customers. You can, specifically asked to be styled by a Korean. They are also partnering with Mucota for their hair products so you can be assured that your hair is being well taken care of.

So after making appointment with them I was really anxious to see how I would finally look like with the new hair style which I wanted.

So this is me with my usual, boring straight hair which I had struggle to keep its length for a few months. It had not reached my desired length but I couldn't tolerate it any longer. So bye bye boring hair!

While waiting, I was served tea and biscuit. There is also free wifi in the salon to keep you entertained while you get your hair services done. I noticed that Apgujeong Hair Studio even had their own look book and I was quite impressed by this. Not many Hair Studio has their own look book.

I had my hair washed by one of the local hair stylist while I waited for my Korean Hair Stylist to transform my hair.

There she is, my hair was then trimmed to the desired length and shape before it was being blown dry.

Next, application of hair chemical products to "soften and break" the bonds on my hair so that they can later be "shaped" into my desired style.

This process took quite awhile and they even had to make use of a machine to increase the speed of hair softening. It shows that my hair is in good condition. I have never done any bleaching and dying for that matter and I believe this explains why it was so difficult to soften my hair. The last time I curled my hair was 2 years back and that's about it?

My hair was then washed off the chemicals again before more action takes place.

Tada!!!! Can you see my straight and silky hair? Actually we are still not quite done yet. This is not the final look. This was only to ensure that the top part of my hair strands were not flying around and messing up the final look.

My hair were then put into the curlers and attached to this machine for the real action to take place. This is the most torturing part as I can't really move about much. Look at all the action going on there.

That moment when they removed the curlers on my hair I actually wondered if I was going to look like that for the next few months. I'm sure we are not done yet.

True enough, more chemicals were then added to my hair before they were washed and blow dried.

I loved the final look of my Mucota Omega Rebonding and Hair Perm that cost more than $300 and I feel that they are worth every penny for the amount of work that went into it.

In terms of services, I received quite a lot of attention having the staff asking if I needed my tea to be changed or refilled and people coming to check on my hair most of the time despite that the salon was so crowded while I was there. I was also rather happy with the recommendation that Yuna (my hair stylist) gave me, that lead me to the final look.

The only part that could be further improved is the language barrier. Yuna could only speak a few chinese words which was "okay" for us to get the hair done but she could not go further in the conversation.

As for the rest of the staff, the locals, they could speak but did little to help explain the hair procedures. It would definitely help the customers more by explaining to them what would be done to their hair so that they would feel more assured.

For pricing of their services, you can check out http://www.apgujeonghair.com/pricing.html so that you get a rough gauge of the prices before the services are done.

Thank you Yuna and team for taking care of me while I had my services done. It took almost 5 hours for this hair make-over but I am loving how they looked on me. I've since been complimented countless of times and even advised to maintain my hair this way.

I guess I am ready to maintain and rock these curls further with my upcoming new venture. Next, I am going to maintain my hair with healthy treatments and be trimming them in the upcoming months.

How do you like my new look? Comment and share away!

Photo of myself taken 0 days after hair make-over

Photo of myself taken 5 days after hair make-over - Front view

Photo of myself taken 5 days after hair make-over - Back View

Disclaimer: Thank you for taking care of my hair, while I was at Apgujeong hair studio. All views expressed are truthful. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them. This article first appeared on pearlywerkz.wordpress.com. It was written by the same author.

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