Facial Review: Signature Oxygen Facial at J Studios


Here I am, outside my current favourite beauty salon located at 31 Haji Lane. I am a month overdue for my facial partly due to my busy schedules as well as super sensitive face condition at the moment hence I was feeling excited, exhausted and extremely cautious at this point of time.

Before heading to J Studios to have my facial done, I made extra efforts to check with them if they had any facial suitable for one with very serious eczema face conditions as I had suffered a major breakout 2 times within this month. The extreme changing weather conditions did nothing to help my face as well.

J Studios is located along 31 Haji Lane and opened its doors in September 2017. They have another outlet which is located next to Chinese Garden MRT opened in 2016, so you may already be familiar with them.

Stepping into J Studios at Haji Lane, you will immediately notice its Neo-Classical French interior design, with beautiful hanging light decors. The whole studio is well decorated in black,white, marble and bling, even its own range of products (Hovita) displayed on the side wall are sharing the same design.

Hovita is a skincare line made with essence of natural ingredients to give your skin the best of nature and life. I've heard so much on their products, how natural they are, and suitable for all skin types. I especially love the classy packaging of their products. I look forward to an opportunity to review them, alongside with my follow-up facial treatments and see how they may work wonder on my skin.

Services available in J Studios (Haji Lane)
  • Facial Treatments (Spa Therapy, Aromatherapy, Professional Clinical Treatment)
  • Hair Treatment (Oriental Herbal and Amino Nano)
  • Gel Nail Services / Spa Therapy
  • Body Treatments (Slimming, IPL, Waxing, Bust Enhancement)
  • Beauty (Eyebrow Embroidery, Eyelash Extension, Makeup Services)

I love that they have individual corners and dedicated spaces for their hair treatments, facials and and gel nail services so that different groups of their customers get their own privacy and cozy corners.

In J Studios, everything is well thought of, even the drinks I had are served in these beautifully designed mini cups. These are so beautiful and intricate. It's almost like stepping into a designer's showroom. Looking at their interior design already makes me feel like I'll be very well taken care of before my facial treatment begins.


OMG! Look at that bling I spotted in a corner of level 2, I can see that Jerrie (Owner of J Studios really loves bling)

Normal Treatment rooms... Neh! I am a DIVA, DIVA uses VIP Room... (lol)

I was then ushered into their VIP (Lavender Room), where I get to experience my 90 minutes Signature Oxygen Facial Treatment (First trial @ $88). If you haven't already know, all their rooms are themed according to their facial aromatherapy treatment named after flowers.

The Signature Oxygen Facial Treatment was carried out by a professional beautician who quickly noticed my eczema skin. I was very thankful that during the treatment, she took additional steps to ensure that my face was feeling okay throughout and I did not felt any discomfort. She also applied additional "skin calming cream" for my face after the treatment. A very soothing green tea mask was then used after the Signature Oxygen Facial to detox, and calm my face.

About Signature Oxygen Facial Treatment Experience:
As this is their basic treatment which is suitable for all skin types, expect it to be a the base of all your facials. Yes, even on hypersensitive or an eczema skin like mine. I have personally tried so you can totally trust me for that. If you dislike painful extraction like me, you'll be glad that the sweeping extraction via the Oxygen treatment is not painful at all. This facial treatment offers your skin a deep cleanse, akin like spring cleaning on your face because of the "air sweeping action" that it did on my face. There is totally no redness, swelling or itch post treatment. As it proclaims, my face is moisturized and nourished. My skin was less "cracking" and I do see a subtle radiance and brightening effect.

Applying make-up is now so much easier because my skin did not crack as much and they feel so moisturized even 4 days post facial. I am looking forward to visiting J Studios again because you know, its so difficult to find a suitable facial treatment for Eczema prone skin but I am glad J Studios did it. Thank you for your amazing treatment.

Facial Review & Ratings:

Ambience Rating: ★★★★★
Luxurious, professional and instagram worthy at every corner. Rooms were spacious, comfortable and colour lighting and music makes it very relaxing to have my treatment in the room.

Service: ★★★★☆
Professional beautician with explanation of what will be done next.

Facial Effectiveness: ★★★★☆
Treatment was comfortable, extraction was not painful. There was no down time and my face did not experience any allergic reactions or break outs days after the facial. I somehow wished that they can offer to trim my eyebrows though.

Location: ★★★★☆
Quite convenient, within 5 minutes walking distance from the Bugis MRT Station.

Thank you my lovely beautician for all your hard work on my difficult face. I know how stressful it is because working on such a problematic face like mine can be quite stressful. I was supposed to touch up my face with light make-up but I had forgotten to do so, being so engrossed in taking photographs of the lovely studios. Pardon my face.I can't wait to return to try other services.


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(1) Signature Oxygen Promotion (90 Minutes)
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Bugis Outlet:
31 Haji Lane
Near Bugis MRT

Jurong Outlet:

352 Jurong East Street 31, #01-131, Level 2
Next to Chinese Garden MRT

For more information, check out:
J Studios Website
J Studios Bugis FB Page

Thank you for taking care of my face, while I was at J Studios, Haji Lane. All views expressed are truthful. Thank you J Studios for having me. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.

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