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Look forward to a very Orangey post ahead, where you will learn more about these delicious, juicy and beautiful Arida Mikan where I get to taste them first hand during my recent food tasting at the Japan Rail Cafe.

The Arida Mikan from Wakayama (Japan), have arrived in Singapore! These oranges is a variety of mikan mandarin that has a long and beloved history in Japan dating back almost 450 years. They are born way back even before all of us here! Wow... what a long long history.

Grown on the terraced mountain slopes of Arida, a city in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan; the Arida Mikans are well loved by the Japanese for many generations, as it is richly sweet, tender and juicy. The land and climate of Arida is ideal for growing premium mikans, with well-drained and mineral-rich terrain, and a sunny and rugged climate that mikans thrive in.

Mikan growers in Arida take pride in their profession and strive to grow even better and tastier mikan oranges crop after crop, in the impressive expanse of the beautiful mikan plantations on the mountains that overlook both sides of the Arida river. These oranges are favoured by chefs all over Japan due to its elegant balance of sweetness and citrusy freshness, which makes them a firm favourite for connoisseurs!

These Mikans are packed rich with Vitamin C which are necessary to keep us healthy, preventing us from colds and are great for beauty lovers as they have skin whitening effects. Eating 2 oranges will provide you with the Vitamin C you require for the day.

They also contain Cryptoxanthin which can help fight cancer. On top of all these, they contain Vitamin B1, potassium, dietary fiber, citric acid and many other nutrients which are good for you.

#Fun Fact:
*The right way to peel these oranges is simply to turn them onto their backs, squeeze them gently and break them into halves. Their skin is very soft and its easy to break em' up! Don't go messy peeling now that you know the right way of peeling them!

Have you ever wondered how come your mum always select the sweetest oranges? Let me share with you some tips I've learned.

7 Steps for Choosing delicious Oranges:
1: Look for bright and deep orange fruit.
2. Small diameter of the cutting end of it calyt.
3. Oil glands of the peel are small and close together.
4. Peel is thin and rough.
5. Shape of fruit is round and symmetrical, fruit feels firm.
6. Smaller ones are tastier, medium ones are recommended.
7. Buy Arida Mikan as they are produced in Wakayama Prefecture.

These oranges are small, sweet, mostly seedless and rather juicy! They are so addictive that we can't seem to stop eating them. Go get some and try it yourself too.

(Photo credits : Tracy)

Thanks JETRO and Affluence PR for having us!

The exquisite Arida Mikan orange ($10 for a box of 7 pieces) is now available to the public in Singapore at Cold Storage Takashimaya and Kyoho-Ya Takashimaya, and will also be available at Premium Japan Farmers Market from 15 to 28 December 2017.

For more information about the Arida Mikan, please visit:

This post is a collaboration effort between JETRO, Affluence PR and Pearlywerkz. No oranges were wasted during the Mikan Tasting, we finished every Mikan which we peeled.

All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz unless otherwise credited. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.

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