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Its the start of another beautiful year, almost coming to the end of January now, so let's try to do this website review differently. I was recently introduced to this website by the company's PR, where I could shop for plenty of stuff at a fraction of its price if I were to purchase them from the retail stores.

This concept of online shopping is not new as most of us have been shopping online especially via the China (Taobao, EzBuy, Lazada) and American (Amazon) websites. We have been buying our clothes from local online blogshops too.

To cut the long story short, let me show you what I've gotten via an OOTD post instead. As you all know, I've been quite into this lately (its all over my instagram). If you don't know already know what kind of IG post they are yet, just click on the link and check it out now. Do follow me if you haven't too.

With my fashion loots, I have put together 2 different OOTDs looks for you which you can consider or even draw some inspiration from. The source of the products are all from China, if you are wondering. The site is also a china website.

I have choose a black top because they never go out of style but if you take a closer look at the material, this piece is quite transparent.

The quality of the cap was on the other hand very good and can you believe it? This is the first cap I bought and own. Other than those which I've gotten from events. I look pretty cool in them right?

I love the cuff earrings as I feel they are quite interesting and stylish looking. They somehow fit very well with my ear cuff with the right sizing. The cuff bracelet is very bling and a little loose but if you love dangling jewellery, why not?

I'm loving the look here. What do you think? :)

Total cost : Black Top + Cap + Cuff Earrings & Bracelet: $12


Next, I have put together a feminine look which you can consider for dates.

The pastel purple top is a toga top which looks really weird. Not sure if it is me or my flabby arms. They look quite "off" on me. The material is also rather thin.

I do however, liked the simple looking dangling earring which looked very sweet. As this is a string type of earring, it is not advisable for people with small ear hole to go for it as it hurts a little when you pull the string over your ear hole.

Total Cost: Purple Top + Dangling Rose Earring: $8


There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars trying to purchase a full outfit coordinate, as what you have seen here is all for only $20 USD!!! I bought about 6 items and each of these items cost less than $5? Are you amazed?

However, be warned that the shipping takes quite awhile to reach. It took almost a month or more to reach me partly because of the festive season I guess. I was quite satisfied with the quality of most of the products bought except for 1-2 items (The tops) which turned out be quite unexpected from what I thought they would be. The material was quite transparent and my purple top looked a little weird to be worn.

*Prices are round to the nearest dollar and in USD.

My Overall thoughts:

☑ Products are priced reasonably.
☑ Most products have reasonable/ acceptable quality.
☑ Products were delivered to my doorstep via Singpost (Secured shipping)

☒ Takes quite a long while before products reach you (3weeks - 1 month). Its okay if you can wait.
☒ Some of the material of the product were not up to expectation. (In terms of the 2 tops i purchased, they were quite thin and transparent)
☒ Fragile items like earring and Cuff Bracelet not bubble wrapped.


Where do you shop for your OOTDs?

Do reach out if you wish to collaborate with me at :) Looking forward to your emails, comments and feedback.

This website review is a collaboration effort between and Pearlywerkz. Thank you for the collaboration opportunity.

All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz unless otherwise credited. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them. Review is 100% honest and based on personal experience.

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