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Sometime last year, I was invited to Fresver Beauty to have a pampering facial done at their beauty salon. I was very happy when they approached me again this year because I loved their services and I am honored and privileged to be their first few customers to try out one of their newly launched services. I couldn't reject the offer because this had been something which I had wanted to do for quite sometime and the timing was perfect! Right before Valentine's Day and before we welcome the Lunar New Year.

If you haven't already heard of the beauty salon, Fresver Beauty, allow me share a little more about them with you.

Fresver Beauty
☆Fresver Beauty is an established beauty & wellness company, they are established since 1988 with about 30 years of history.

☆They are Focused on bringing customers the latest beauty technology, trend and best products sourced from around the world.

☆To date, they have 4 branches located conveniently around Singapore, at Hougang, Tampines, Orchard and their Flagship Branch Tiong Bahru.

**Do note that :
Their embroidery services: Brows, Eyeliner & Lips are exclusively available at Tiong Bahru Flagship Branch only.**

Some of you who known me personally will notice that I never bothered to draw my brows. This is because about about a decade ago, my mother had sponsored me for an eyebrow tattoo. As with the essence of time, age and acts of nature, they have started to fade off these few years.

Some people ask me why do i want to put myself through this process when I can easily achieve any brow shape and colour simply by drawing them. Truth is, I am not very skillful at dolling myself up. I look practically the same a decade ago, and now. I also like to go make-up free on most days when my face is calm and cooperative. (A rare sight nowadays)

Do you know that with a set of well-groomed brows, it will frame the eyes and highlight your best features? Strong brows can also make you look put-together, confident and strong on a makeup free day.

The right eyebrow shape can brighten your appearance and make you look more youthful. The trick to finding the best brow for your face is to first figure out your face shape, decide what brow color suits you best, and decide what features you want to highlight the most.

A good and lasting eyebrow embroidery should last you for 1-3 years depending on your skin type.

Before you decide to do go ahead with your semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery, there are also several factors to consider such as :

#1 - The reputation of the beauty salon and embroidery specialist. Try to look for photographs of brows which the specialist had done before and go for those that offers you with a consultation so you can gauge if you would like to go ahead with it. The service is not cheap so you would want to take sometime to consider and research about it.

Fresver has a long history of coming to 30 years, although this is a new service which they launched. They assured me that their embroidery stylist is a senior with years of experience. They also provided me with a brow consultation before we proceed with the embroidery service.

#2 - Consider the ink that the beauty salon is using. Some salon uses unbranded, cheaper grade of ink and the colour will either not stay on for long, turn green, or fade overtime. It is important to use quality ink on your brows as these ink will be in contact with your skin.

Fresver's ink originates from the brand Monica (France) which is developed by a dermatologist, Dr Bertand Monica. The ink is developed from plant botanics therefore the pigments are organic, 100% natural and safe. The ink also offers superior colour retention, is vibrant and lasting.

#3 - Numbing cream. This is so important because high quality numbing cream doesn't give you any pain, while poorer grade quality numbing cream will not be as effective.

Fresver uses high quality numbing cream making the eyebrow embroidery process rather painless and comfortable. The cream also ensures that you will have minimal swelling or redness during and after the embroidery process.

#4 - Aftercare. Check if they would be giving you any antiseptic powder, serums or cream to apply for you brows to sustain its colour and to aid in healing of your brows.

A nutrition concentrate is given after the embroidery service. This is also applied to your eyebrows before you leave the salon. You are required to apply them 2-3 times a day for the first 7-10 days until peeling has stopped. I only used mine for the first week where peeling happens. After which, my embroidery stays on and I resumed with my usual cleansing and skincare routine.

My Brow Embroidery Experience :

1) Consultation
Nana, my embroidery specialist first checked with me about what type of brows I would prefer and advised about the brow types and technique used that would suit what I want. She even showed me a book and explain the various type of brow techniques available. She then recommended the brow type suitable for my already bushy brows.

2) Brow Shaping & Design
She then proceed to draw a temporary eyebrow design based on what I like, check the balance of the brows and make amendment according to my feedback.

3) Setting the desire brow shape 
 After i gave her my approval, she goes ahead with the shape and makes a darker outline so that it would not go away after the numbing cream is applied.

4) Applying numbing cream
This is the most critical process because if the numbing cream is not good, you will feel pain and the process will not be smooth. You can tell the embroidery specialist if you feel any pain and they will apply more numbing cream for you. I personally felt quite painless and almost dozed off during the session. It did felt a little discomfort during the ending touches because by then she had wiped off most of the cream but the sting was bearable.

5) Embroidery process

The process was very smooth. Nana was quite a perfectionist as she ensured that everything went well. She prepared herself very well and she knows exactly what is going on after each step. She also constantly check and ensure that the ink pigments goes onto my eyebrows properly. She is very meticulous in every single step which made me felt very at ease with her.

6) Apply Nutrition Concentrate after care
After the embroidery. The nutrition concentrate is applied to soothe my brows. According to Nana, this concentrate will aid in your brows healing, promote a luxurious eyebrow growth for those with lesser eyebrow hairs and prevent inflammation.

There is quite a vast difference between my before and after brows especially since my eyebrow tattoo had faded and my eyebrow lacks colour. My face lighted up immediately with my new brows and I am loving them!

Now now, are you tempted to try it for yourself? I can't wait to head back for my touch up in April, and have already started thinking about doing my eyeliner too.

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Top Left: Photo of me before eyebrow embroidery | Top Right: Photo of me on the day I did my embroidery

Bottom Left: 4 days after eyebrow embroidery | Bottom Right: a week after eyebrow embroidery

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Fresver Beauty Tiong Bahru

302 Tiong Bahru Road,
Tiong Bahru Plaza,
#01-162/163/164 S168732

Tel: (65) 6100 0126

For more information on Fresver Beauty check out their social media channels:


Thank you Nana for shaping my brows, Anna & Jesslyn for your hospitality . All views expressed are truthful. Thank you for having me. I appreciate this opportunity greatly. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.

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